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Take a look at the flexible circuit board mass production business
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Take a look at the flexible circuit board mass production business

Nowadays, mobile phones have been regarded as an industrial direction. This year, as Huawei, Huawei, Samsung, Rouyu and other manufacturers have offICially released folding screen mobile phones, PCB manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo have also produced relevant prototypes of folding screen mobile phones. Folding mobile phone has been opened in the first year. With the characteristics of light weight, thin thickness and good bending, it has become an indispensable PCB component for folding mobile phones. However, FPC (flexible circuit board) application in SMArt phones is still facing many technical difficulties, which will become the focus of current manufacturers to overcome.

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It is thin, flexible, winding, foldable, and has high wiring density, which perfectly fits the development theme of thin, light, and miniaturization. In recent years, it has become the leader of PCB (printed circuit board) subdivision industry. Some experts said that it is not difficult to realize the flexible screen in FPC at present, mainly in the display screen and PCB hard board. It will take a long research and development process to achieve the foldable PCB, and it is also a great challenge for electronic materials.


FPC is mainly used in mobile terminals, consumer electronics, Automotive electronics, industrial control, medical, aerOSPace and military. Among them, mobile terminals are the largest application field of FPC, especially smart phones. They are also the field with the highest requirements for FPC's technical capabilities, and will lead the technical development direction of FPC in the future. The development trend of miniaturization and intelligence will make flexible mobile phones become a trend in the future.

Experts also put forward solutions to the requirements of folding, linking and multiple use of folding screen for fpc. In flexible screen mobile phones, due to the need to fold and use many times, the requirements for the Flexible circuit board inside the mobile phone will be higher, and the corresponding use area will be further increased. However, FPC is usually manufactured by batch process, so it is limited by the size of production equipment. In view of this problem, experts believe that it can be extended through the middle socket, and FPC can be reinforced by plugging gold finger.

At present, the main process and technology for the connection of soft boards and hard boards is to make soft and hard composite boards. With respect to size issues, the soft boards or soft and hard composite boards in the industry currently use 250mm wide materials, and also try to use 500mm wide materials.

The increase of FPC applications in mobile phones will become an established trend, which also makes the FPC MARKet a positive trend. However, FPC still faces manufacturing problems, such as large-scale applications in folding screen mobile phones. Of course, there are corresponding solutions to these problems, but these solutions will inevitably lead to cost increases. How to better control FPC costs can only be solved by mass production or technical upgrading.

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