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Protel99: hematemesis recommends PCB design software suitable for novices
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Protel99: hematemesis recommends PCB design software suitable for novices

Protel99: hematemesis recommends PCB design software suitable for novices

1、 In China, protel, protel 99se, protel DXP, and Altium are the software that a company develops and continuously upgrades; The current version of Altium Designer 15 is relatively simple and random in design, but it is not very good to make complex PCBs.

2、 Cadence spb software Cadence spb This is Cadence software. The current version is Cadence SPB 16.5; The ORCAD schematic design is an international standard; Among them, PCB design and simulation are complete, which is more complex than protel in use, mainly because of complex requirements and settings; However, it has made provisions for the design, so it can achieve twice the result with half the effort. It is obviously stronger than protel.

3、 Mentor's BORDSTATION and EE, in which BOARDSTATION is only applicable to UNIX systems, not designed for PCs, so fewer people use it; The current Mentor EE version is Mentor EE 7.9 and Cadence spb, which belong to the same level of PCB design software. In some places, Mentor EE is inferior to cadence spb. Its strengths are stay wire and flying wire, known as the flying wire king.


4、 EAGLE Layout This is the most widely used PCB design software in Europe. The PCB design software mentioned above is widely used, and Cadence spb and MentorEE are the rightful kings. If you are a beginner in PCB design, I think Cadence spb is better. It can develop a good design habit for designers and ensure good design quality.

For beginners who are new to electronic circuit design and drawing, no matter how simple PCB drawing and design software are, they have no concept at all. So, how can I have a preliminary understanding of these PCB design software? Next, we will introduce Protel99 and DXP software that most people have used.

Among all PCB design software, Protel99 and DXP are the best ones to learn. Protel99 is the original version, while DXP is an upgraded version of Protel99. Protel99 is easy to use, as is DXP. DXP also has many convenient functions. In addition, DXP comes with Chinese. The process of building a component library is suitable for beginners and easy to understand. Of course, Protel 99se is relatively basic and has many tutorials. You can learn it first and then go to DXP. If you think the 99 version is too old, you can also learn DXP directly. It started with simple circuits. There will be no obvious difference in the use of different software.

As a novice in PCB design, if you want to enter the circuit design industry as soon as possible, you must stand on the shoulders of predecessors, learn meaningful experience, and avoid taking many detours. After trying different software, many people suddenly realized and found their own software. There are many PCB design software, Protel99 has been verified by numerous professionals, and it is strongly recommended to those who want to get started.

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