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Quickly understand the originator of PCB design software
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Quickly understand the originator of PCB design software

Quickly understand the originator of PCB design software

1、 In China, protel, protel 99se, protel DXP, and Altium are the software that a company develops and continuously upgrades; The current version of Altium Designer 15 is relatively simple and random in design, but it is not very good to make complex PCBs.

2、 Cadence spb software Cadence spb This is Cadence software. The current version is Cadence SPB 16.5; The ORCAD schematic design is an international standard; Among them, PCB design and simulation are complete, which is more complex than protel in use, mainly because of complex requirements and settings; However, it has made provisions for the design, so it can achieve twice the result with half the effort. It is obviously stronger than protel.

3、 Mentor's BORDSTATION and EE, in which BOARDSTATION is only applicable to UNIX systems, not designed for PCs, so fewer people use it; The current Mentor EE version is Mentor EE 7.9 and Cadence spb, which belong to the same level of PCB design software. In some places, Mentor EE is inferior to cadence spb. Its strengths are stay wire and flying wire, known as the flying wire king.


4、 EAGLE Layout This is the most widely used PCB design software in Europe. The PCB design software mentioned above is widely used, and Cadence spb and MentorEE are the rightful kings. If you are a beginner in PCB design, I think Cadence spb is better. It can develop a good design habit for designers and ensure good design quality.

Introduction to Protel 99:

Protel 99, a PCB design software, adopts a new management mode, that is, the database management mode. Protel99 is the first all-around PCB design system with unique design management and team cooperation technology as the core under the desktop environment. All Protel99 design files are stored in the unique comprehensive design database and displayed in the unique comprehensive design editing window.

Protel 99 software follows the characteristics of the previous version of Protel, which is easy to learn. Its internal interface is basically the same as Protel 98, with some new functional modules added. Protel has introduced the advanced technology of INCASES of Germany and integrated signal integrity tools, accurate model and board analysis in Protel99 to help you achieve one-time success and eliminate blindness by using signal integrity analysis in the design cycle. The easy to use feature of Protel99 is the new "What's This" help. Press the small question mark in the upper right corner of any dialog box, and then select the information you want. Now you can quickly see the function of the feature, and then use it in the design. Press the button at the end of the status bar to help the consultant with natural language.

Protel 99 operation steps: 1. Build a new total database file. 2. Open and manage the design database. 3. View multiple design documents. 4. Multi drawing design. 5. Schematic diagram wiring design. 6. Electrical performance reliability of vehicle inspection schematic diagram

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