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How to Choose Technology and Management in SMT
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How to Choose Technology and Management in SMT

How to Choose Technology and Management in SMT

PCBA processing is to connect various electronic components on PCB board through surface mount (SMT), plug-in (DIP) and other electronic assemblies. PCBA process flow mainly includes SMT, AOI, DIP, FCT testing and other processes. Due to the size difference of electronic components, there will be different processes and requirements in assembly and insertion. The assembly density of PCBA is relatively high, and the small size and light weight of electronic products also have certain changes and requirements in mounting. The reliability, seismic resistance and excellent weldability of the products have high requirements for the hardware and software facilities of PCBA processing.

In the SMT processing industry, many people will consider the tangle, whether SMT can accelerate success or direct management can achieve rapid success?


This article will analyze what SMT industry colleagues think of technicians and managers. My personal view is that technology and management must complement each other, but in terms of the domestic SMT industry environment, management must succeed faster than technology.

SMT technology

SMT technical talents with a certain technical foundation can choose whether to turn to management according to their own conditions; SMT managers without a technical foundation must have a comprehensive focus on the SMT technical foundation. It is better to concentrate on the technical route, which is suitable for people who want to live a simple life. However, in the SMT industry, this is likely to be a road of no return with limited prospects. Or take a lifetime multimeter; Either one day, if the management is promoted to management because of "excellent technology is an official", or if you want to start a second business, you will be faced with a very confused situation, with black eyes and sweaty palms, making the team or your company in a mess.

SMT practitioners who hope to see more scenery and have the concept and desire of comprehensive development should improve themselves and turn to the management route as soon as possible. Management is a complex knowledge, which is very helpful for your current work or future development. Standing high, you can look far, which is the advantage of management; If you immerse yourself in maintenance, repair, machine adjustment, and line transfer programming, you will miss too much scenery.

If a big ox who has been working on SMT chip processing technology for more than 5 years still looks down on the management personnel and thinks they don't understand anything, then the big ox will be finished in his life. Of course, the above views are limited to the application technology of domestic SMT industry. As for the technical support of front-end SMT basic development, it is another matter.

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