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How do general workers play their role in an electronic circuit board factory
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How do general workers play their role in an electronic circuit board factory

How do general workers play their role in an electronic circuit board factory

In the era of rapid development of electronic industry, more and more circuit board factories are established and developed in China. General workers play 80% of the roles that constitute the circuit board factory. As far as I know, the standard for recruiting general workers in the circuit board factory is basically no special requirements except for 18 years old. As long as a person is healthy, he or she can be employed at the same time, regardless of age. The only prerequisite is that you go to work on time.

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SMT employee discussing the problem

So, as a general worker, how do you position yourself? Once I went to the workshop and said to a man, "Let's change places. You go to my place and I come to yours.". In my opinion, this is just a joke, just as the beginning of a conversation. But she told me very seriously that your position is not my seat. My feeling is that they think they are inferior. Why did such thoughts come into being? I'm just working in a company. I don't think highly of people, but there are people in their mind. Is it because we have not experienced your environment and position as a general worker, so we cannot feel the discrimination.

Now is the age of equality. Although there is no absolute equality, there is still relative equality. As the saying goes, every line has its own number one scholar. There are elites in every position, and elites are evolved from the most common beginners. After all, there are not many talents in the world. Then, as a general worker in a circuit board factory, do you want to change your mind and let yourself know that you are not just a general worker, but an employee who can climb up the ladder. Believe in yourself, and you can finally become the elite of the company. As long as you are willing to learn, ask and bear hardships, the company will certainly let you appreciate and increase your salary in the future.

Many things cannot be accomplished overnight. Just like Ma Yun, after n failures, he finally succeeded in establishing a famous international company. How hard it was to start a business before, and how brilliant he is now. This is something we can't envy.

As a member of the factory, only when you regard the company as your own, will the company regard you as its own person. This is also similar to looking in a mirror. If you smile at it, it will smile at you. If you frown at it, you will frown at you. When you spend your time lazily on the production line instead of studying, the company will also lazily treat you and may accidentally kick you out.  

Education is really not very important, but what is important is your heart. When a college student or graduate student enters the society, he will know that the pressure brought by the society is equal to that of you before you have no work experience. We ordinary workers learn experience by working, just as they learn experience by working. Not enough experience, nothing useful.

The employees of the circuit board factory should stop busy and aimless online plug-in or testing, and must set their own positions, so that they can spend a little more time while working, and use their minds to remember the purpose of our work. Improve the quality of your work, and then the company will improve your quality.

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