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How can PCB companies maximize their own funds when producing consumer products
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How can PCB companies maximize their own funds when producing consumer products

How can PCB companies maximize their own funds when producing consumer products

PCBA is a one-stop servICe for circuit board assembly. In the electronic industry, this service is becoming more and more specific and better. In the advanced society, the biggest consumption of the company is human cost. In a world where the cost of human resources is getting higher and higher, entrepreneurs are suffering more and more. How to save the company's consumption in an enterprise and how to maximize the company's capital have become a topic of most concern to boss level people.


As a seller with its own electronic products, the biggest challenge is how to reduce the cost of the company's products and obtain the maximum benefits with the highest quality. So, today we will discuss how to minimize the cost of the company.

Each sales team has its own main products, each product has its own set of functions, each function has its own unique implementation circuit, and each unique circuit needs more than one circuit board to be realized. After analyzing this, we should know that the core of each product is its internal control circuit board. The key point is that how to save costs on the core circuit board is our main challenge.

The most powerful skill of the general sales team is to understand the product functions and their own sales skills. However, the internal circuit board of your product may be completely clueless. But we still have a way to solve this problem. That's the outsourcing of circuit boards. After the product is assembLED, it will be directly sent to the sales team for sale. The middle process is the famous PCBA. It is the one-stop service of Circuit board assembly introduced at the beginning of this article. This one-stop service includes circuit design, material procurement, chip plug-in of circuit board, function test and product assembly from the beginning. It can be said that it is a great leap from nothing to nothing, from zero to one. You only need time to think about, and you only need to care about when to deliver. There are no other problems you need to worry about. This is the characteristic of PCBA service. Here, the most important thing is to spend more PCBA processing fees and material costs. But it saves a lot of human cost. The most valuable thing is that when outsourcing products to a PCB factory, you only need to send one person to track the production process and progress, which will also save a lot of time in your company. Time is a fortune that money can't buy. Now the advanced sales team and even the sales company are all in this mode of thinking. If you don't follow up or change, the competitive trend will eventually kill you in history.