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What are the roles of SMT?
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What are the roles of SMT?

What are the roles of SMT?

The circuit board manufacturer and the circuit board designer explain to you the roles of the SMT department

The department goal of a SMT department is to ensure that the production site personnel meet the operation requirements and achieve high-quality, efficient, low consumption, balanced and safe production. What are the on-site production personnel in our SMT department? What are their responsibilities?

The SMT department is generally composed of operators, materialmen, SMT production technicians, MT equipment engineers, SMT leaders and SMT production supervisors. Next, we will list the job responsibilities of our production site personnel one by one.


Be responsible for completing the work tasks with quality and quantity guaranteed according to the work instructions and job responsibilities assigned by the production management personnel.

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SMT material clerk:

1 Be responsible for the collection, counting, account registration, replenishment, inventory, weekly loss statistics of SMT production materials, and tracking the arrival of materials by the material control department.

2 Be responsible for the preparation of material supply for production site document transfer and the follow-up of product quantity and material return during document settlement.

3 Be responsible for the disposal of product mantissa and the distribution of products.

4 Take charge of the inventory and purchase of production auxiliary materials.

SMT production technician:

1 Responsible for line change debugging of production equipment, evaluation of equipment failures and finding solutions, reasonable arrangement of SMT production plan, analysis and improvement of defective products, control of machine throwing, cause analysis and improvement.

2 Be responsible for printing serial number, acceptance of steel mesh, test of reflow furnace temperature, confirmation of daily spot inspection of equipment and weekly maintenance.

3 Be responsible for the program programming of the chip mounter/AOI new products and the training of operators.

SMT equipment engineer:

1 Be responsible for the safety management of SMT equipment, the production of SMT equipment operation instructions, the registration of SMT fixed assets, the establishment of SMT equipment record cards, and the acceptance of new equipment.

2 Be responsible for maintenance and analysis of SMT equipment failure, monthly and annual maintenance, consumption of auxiliary materials of equipment, purchase and replacement of maintenance oil.

3 Be responsible for the summary report of new products, BOM management and the update and maintenance of the SMT program.

4 Be responsible for the production of SMT production process documents, production process technology management, and ensure the safety and reliability of various technical work. Coordinate with the engineering department to solve technical problems, solve and analyze production process difficulties, and train technicians.

SMT stretching:

1 Obey the arrangement of the superior and put forward reasonable suggestions

2 Be responsible for on-site records, 7S, supervision and inspection of work execution of production operators.

3 Reasonably arrange employees to work at corresponding posts according to their personal abilities.

4 Control the production accessories and online materials, and make corresponding feedback and follow-up information on material loss.

5 Be responsible for the attendance and monthly assessment of team members, and the skill and knowledge training of personnel at all posts

6 Be responsible for statistics, accounting and reporting of all reports of the production team, office equipment management and archiving and updating of all relevant data.

SMT production supervisor:

1 Be responsible for reasonably adjusting the production plan to meet the requirements of the Planning Department according to the planning requirements of the Planning Department and the material supply situation.

2 Be responsible for cross department coordination, solve production obstacles and ensure smooth production.

3 Be responsible for the planning, formulation and implementation of documents related to SMT production management, personnel arrangement in the production process, and on-site coordination of various problems in the production process.

4 Responsible for controlling product quality, production progress, production materials, production efficiency, etc., and reporting to the production manager in a timely manner.

5 Be responsible for the statistics of SMT's daily production efficiency and man hour loss, and the statistics, analysis and improvement countermeasures of monthly production material loss and defective incoming materials.

6 Be responsible for monthly assessment of production technicians and operators, and monthly summary of SMT workshop.

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