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SMT PCB Assembly FAQ
1.What problems should be paid attention to in rigid-flex board?

Rigid-flex boards are typically designed from rigid to flexible to rigid. Flex circuits have bent wires that can interfere with wiring. A key issue for rigid-flex reliability is the thickness and type of conductors in the flex region.

2.What is a rigid-flex board?
Rigid-flex boards are a mix of rigid boards and flexible circuits.
3.What if the impedances don't match?
If the impedances do not match, the maximum power will not be delivered.
4.How to reduce impedance in a circuit?
Impedance voltage can be reduced by reducing the number of turns in the low voltage winding and increasing the core window height.
5.Why is PCB impedance important?
Impedance affects how signals travel through the board, how power is transferred between components, and how signals penetrate into unwanted areas of the PCB.
6.What is an Impedance Control PCB?
What is Controlled Impedance? Controlled impedance is the characteristic impedance of the transmission line formed by the PCB traces and their associated reference planes.
7.What are the benefits of using PCB gold fingers?
Excellent electrical conductivity due to direct board connection and more gold thickness, strong wear resistance allows the PCB to be plugged and unplugged thousands of times, and the PCB pads use a hard gold plating process with good oxidation resistance.
8.What is the appearance inspection standard of PCB gold finger?
Raised corners, nicks, scratches, sink (spots) and tin stains, oxidation, exposed copper or exposed nickel, spot copper shavings, test pin spots.
9.What is the basic principle of an amplifier?
The principle of an amplifier is to produce an output signal that is a replica of the input signal with increased amplitude.
10.How does an amplifier circuit work?
The amplifier takes the input signal from a source such as a laptop, turntable or CD player and creates a larger copy of the original signal before sending it to the speakers.
11.What is an amplifier PCB?

Amplifier modules, also known as amplifier boards, are PCB (printed circuit board) modules that have audio amplifier chips.

12.What are the high pressure applications?

High-voltage applications are spacecraft and other space equipment, high-altitude aircraft, high-tech lasers, and particle collider power supplies.

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