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SMT PCB Assembly FAQ
1.What is a rigid circuit board?
A rigid PCB is a form of circuit board that is structurally strong and inflexible, so it cannot be bent or bent. They consist of several different layers, such as substrate layers, copper layers, solder mask layers and silkscreen layers, which are joined together by adhesive and heat.
2.Which material is used for flexible PCB?
The main conductive material for flexible PCBs is copper or copper foil, and alloys are sometimes used, including aluminum, nickel, gold, and silver. In addition to being conductive, the conductor layer should be resistant to flex.
3.What are flex circuits used for?
Flexible circuit boards are used in cameras, personal entertainment devices, calculators or motion monitors.
4.What is a flexible PCB?
A flexible printed circuit board, also known as a flex print or flex circuit, is a special type of circuit board that you can bend into a desired shape. They are widely used in high density and high temperature applications
5.What are the typical applications of Rogers PCB?
Various microwave equipment, cellular base station antennas and power amplifiers, microwave point-to-point (P2P) links, automotive radars and sensors, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, LNBs for live broadcast satellites.
6.Why use Rogers Printed Circuit Boards?
High frequency PCBs and RF PCBs often require high performance with low signal loss, low electrical noise, or high board temperatures. To meet these requirements, PCB materials from Rogers Corporation are often used because they are cost-effective compared to the many available alternatives.
7.What are the advantages of Rogers?
Has minimal dielectric loss; provides efficient management of thermal functions; has a sizable range of dielectric constant values; has good impedance control; minimal electrical signal loss during performance.
8.What is Rogers PCB?
PCBs that use Rogers laminates are called Rogers PCBs
9.Do you have low volume PCB assembly?
We mainly focus on high-quality PCBA services of "multi-variety, small and medium batches, and short delivery time"
10.What is Low Volume PCB Assembly?
Usually under 100 pieces are classified as low-volume PCB assembly services, which requires a reliable PCB assembler to meet these needs.
11.What are the advantages of small batch PCBA assembly?
Low-volume PCBA assembly can provide high turnaround times without leaving PCBA boards stuck in high unusable inventory.
12.What are the applications of rigid-flex PCB?
The applications of rigid-flex PCB are: medical, automotive, national defense, aerospace, etc....
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