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SMT PCB Assembly FAQ
1.Do you provide PCB reverse engineering services?
Yes, we are fully capable of providing PCB reverse engineering services.
2.What is PCB reverse engineering?
Reverse engineering a PCB is a reverse research technique that uses a series of reverse research techniques to obtain the following results: circuit schematic, PCB design, bill of materials
3.Do you provide manufacturing services after designing multi-layer PCBs?

Yes, we are fully capable of providing PCB manufacturing services, we have our own PCB factory of 500 million square meters, which can provide everything from PCB design, DFMA, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, component procurement, etc.

4.How many layers of PCB design can you provide?

Yes, we can provide multi-layer hybrid PCB designs from 2-64 layers.

5.What are the application areas of multi-layer PCB design?

Multilayer PCBs are especially useful in the aerospace industry because of their small footprint and low weight.

6.What is multi-layer PCB design?

Multilayer PCBs are circuit boards with three or more layers of copper foil. Compared to single-sided or double-sided PCBs, multi-layer PCBs are smaller and have higher assembly density. They are also lighter in weight because of the need for wiring harnesses. higher.

7.Why is DFM inspection so important in HDI PCB design?

As products are miniaturized, many designs push the physical limits of PCB manufacturability. In this context, the importance of DFM inspection is increasing.

Multilayer PCB Design FAQ

8.What does DFM need to check after HDI PCB design?

Some DFM problems include: problems due to copper/solder mask debris on the plane, problems due to no gap pads on the plane, problems due to insufficient annular rings, problems due to copper being too close to the edge of the board.

9.What is HDI PCB design?

HDI PCB Design High Density Interconnector PCB Design. Circuit boards with higher wiring density per unit area compared to traditional circuit boards are called HDI PCBs.

10.Do you have DFM service after you provide standard PCB design?

Yes, we can provide free DFM service.

11.What is the lead time for your standard PCB design?

We know the importance of time, so we process standard PCB designs in a timely manner when we receive customer information.

12.What is the process of standard PCB design?

Design specifications, design instructions, customer design requirements and related CHECKLIST, and provide layout files and structure files for customers to conduct layout review

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.