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SMT PCB Assembly FAQ
1.Do you provide PCB first article inspection for through holes?

Yes, upon customer request, we have the capability to provide first article inspection for through hole PCBs.

2.What is the cost of through-hole PCB assembly?
Cost depends on a variety of factors, including the type of through-hole PCB part, order quantity, and more. Once you contact us with your custom request, we'll respond with a custom quote for through-hole PCB assembly.
3.Do you provide testing services for through-hole PCB assemblies?

Yes, we offer robust functional testing that increases product reliability.

4.Where are through-hole PCB assembly components placed?

Through-hole PCB assemblies have a variety of applications; therefore, they are widely used in power electronics and other devices that generate a lot of heat.

5.What is through-hole PCB assembly?

In through-hole PCB assembly, the leads of the component are inserted into holes drilled on the bare board and soldered to the pads on the other side by either automatic assembly insertion or manual assembly.

6.How long does it take to deliver a turnkey PCB assembly product?

Our estimated delivery times start the day after you place your order, depending on the volume and complexity of your turnkey PCB assembly requirements.

7.What are the tests for turnkey PCB assembly?

We do visual inspections, AOI inspections, X-ray inspections, functional testing and more!

8.What are the factors that affect the cost of turnkey PCB assembly?

There are several factors including board count, PCB type, SMT pad count, via count, BGA component count, and complexity of PCB assembly.

9.What are the advantages of full turnkey PCB assembly?

A complete turnkey PCB assembly service offers multiple benefits including ease of management, low or high volume assembly, multiple services, fast lead times, and more!

10.What is turnkey PCB assembly?

Offering turnkey PCB assembly services means that the supplier will handle all tasks including component or part sourcing, manufacturing, assembly and final delivery!

11.Do you provide bulk SMT PCB assembly and through-hole PCB technology assembly?
Yes, we can provide both services at the same time.
12.Do you provide lead-free mass production printed PCB assembly services?
Yes, you can count on us for mass production of lead-free PCB assemblies.
Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.