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Engineering Technology
What is the case of copper green on the pcb board? Are the following three points?
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What is the case of copper green on the pcb board? Are the following three points?

There are many kinds of electronIC products, and consumers have a large choice space. If the product is of poor use quality and short use time, it is easy to be eliminated by the MARKet. Only by graSPIng the product quality, can we play a greater market competitiveness. Since almost all electronic products will use PCB, more and more electronic product manufacturers now pay special attention to the demand for three proofing paint, in order to protect circuit boards PCB components and printed PCB wires are not damaged, so as to ensure the service life.

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What if the PCB board is not coated with three proofing paint? Let's talk about several aspects. Please understand.

1、 Verdigris

Copper green is also calLED copper rust. How did the copper green on PCB come from? First of all, we need to know the cause of copper green on PCB. Humidity is the most common and destructive factor to PCB.

Therefore, if the PCB is in a humid environment for a long time, plus the effect of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the copper on the PCB starts to produce chEMIcal reaction and rust to produce copper green, which eventually leads to the circuit board being unable to work. The solution is to use PCB three proof paint and electric glue.

2、 Leakage or short circuit

How did the leakage come about? As there is no protection on the electrical circuit, after the dust accumulates for a long time, the dust resistance with moisture will be reduced because the dust is easy to absorb moisture, which will make the wire leak locally, and it is easy to cause abnormal operation of the control circuit or even heat and fire.

For example, the computer we often use has been used for a long time, and it doesn't start normally. After cleaning the circuit board, it can start normally again. This is because the circuit board is full of too much dust and the circuit board is not protected by the three proofing paint. In serious cases, cleaning is useless, and only the host computer can be replaced directly. Therefore, the solution to prevent leakage or short circuit of products is to use PCB three proof paint and electric sealant.

3、 Fingerprint or sweat shadow

Almost every link of PCB manufacturing runs through manual operation, so there is a high risk of contamination, especially for sweaty hands. We can know what ingredients the sweaty finger print has, generally including water, inorganic salt, fat grease, some coSMEtics, skin care products and other hazards, which are left in components, component pins, welding wires and other places, plus the role of the external environment, In the short term, after 2 or 3 months, the surface of the circuit board will be moldy, corroded and cracked. Therefore, cleaning the board surface and spraying the three proofing paint after PCB manufacturing can ensure that all aspects of PCB boards used in the product in the later assembly process work normally. Therefore, to solve the harm caused by finger prints, it is better to use the three proofing paint and electric sealant of PCB.

Therefore, if the PCB board is not coated with three proof paint and electric anti glue, and it is returned to the market, slightly repaired and reworked, and seriously scrapped, the cost will be much higher than the cost of using the three proof paint. Because of environmental changes and different areas of product use, without the use of three proof paint, the PCB board will not be able to contact with environmental hazardous substances, such as heavy humidity in the south, especially in the moisture regain period, heavy salt fog at the seaside, The damage of chemicals in the chemical industry is serious.

The above is only a SMAll part of the hazards of not using three proofing paint on PCB. Please consult the manufacturer for more details.

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