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The advantage of pcba to contract labor and materials
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The advantage of pcba to contract labor and materials

PCBA contract means that PCBA processing plant provides customers with PCB board manufacturing, component procurement, circuit board patch processing and welding, testing, assembly to the delivery of finished products. In the whole process of PCBA, the technical degree is complex and the required components are various. Nowadays, many related enterprises' electronic products generally find pcba processing plants for processing, so what is the advantage of PCBA? Next, Shenzhen pcba processing plant -kingford- to share with you, hope to bring you some help!

1. PCBA contract works and materials are very suitable for small batch orders. Due to the particularity of the customer's products in the industry, the demand quantity is not much, and the company is not equipped with perfect personnel. The advantage is that it eliminates the need to spend a lot of time to find suppliers for small orders. A lot of suppliers do not want to spend more time and labor costs, and refuse or do not cooperate with the production. The PCBA contract factory model is to combine several small orders into a large quantity, can easily meet any order quantity.

2. Customers do not need to deal with multiple suppliers, thus reducing tedious communication and time, reducing the possibility of quality anomalies, and making the responsibilities of both parties more clear. It also reduces the problem of delayed delivery due to the chain reaction caused by the exception of a single supplier.

3. pcba contract labor and materials can reduce the cost of purchasing raw materials for customers. pcba processing plants purchase a large amount of materials and have fixed component supplier channels, which will provide relatively low prices in order to ensure long-term cooperation.

3. pcba contract can reduce the area used by customers. If you need to purchase a large number of raw materials, it is necessary to prepare the warehouse to store, it needs to occupy the warehouse cost, there are a large number of raw materials in the warehouse, but also have a special person to manage, these are to send costs.

4. pcba contract work and materials can save money for customers to buy equipment, and put the money to use in more needed places. PCBA processing requires a variety of precision machining equipment and a variety of testing equipment, and equipment costs are quite high.

5. PCBA processing plant contracts work and materials for customers. Compared with customers purchasing components and processing separately, the delivery time is faster, because PCBA processing plant's connection from each process to the next process is seamless.

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2. Differences between PCBA processing and SMT patch processing

We are looking for electronic products processing plant at the same time, in addition to the recommendation of peers and friends, but also in the search engine search related keywords to find electronic products processing plant. For example: PCBA processing and SMT patch processing; So what's the difference between the two? Next, Shenzhen PCBA processing plant to share with you, hope to bring you some help!

1. PCBA processing refers to PCB bare board after SMT patch, DIP plug-in welding, post-welding, cleaning, three anti-paint spraying, testing aging, etc.; After the whole processing process to form PCBA, referred to as PCBA processing.

2. SMT patch processing refers to PCB bare board through solder paste printing -SPI test - patch - first piece test - reflow welding -AOI test; SMT patch processing for short.

3. Differences between the two: From the above two points, it is not difficult to see that the whole process of PCBA processing actually includes SMT patch processing. SMT patch processing is only part of the PCBA process, which literally means a wider range of processes.

When we search PCBA processing or SMT SMT processing two keywords on the search engine, we can find accurate PCBA processing plants. Because SMT patch processing is a popular process of electronic products, it is extracted as a key word in the industry.

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