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PCB board copying service
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PCB board copying service

Comolong company uses industry-leading PCB scanning technology, unique intelligent PCB board copying software, and integrates its own years of accumulated experience in circuit board technology, board copying practical experience, combined with new EDA design software, professional board copying technical personnel and advanced technology, Can clone single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer (32 layers) PCB circuit board, can copy a variety of blind hole and other difficult PCB circuit board work. Whether it is the computer motherboard, graphics board, gigabit network equipment base board, which is densely packed with components, microstrip line and isolength line, or the wireless network card and other wireless communication equipment with strict requirements for high-frequency processing, electromagnetic compatibility control, industrial control motherboard, communication board, computer control mechanical equipment board, We can according to the customer provided a set of intact sample (or prototype) one-time reverse cloning success, and promise to be 100% the same as the original PCB circuit.

In the process of board copying project service, our professional board changing team can also provide you with PCB board changing service. According to customers' individual needs, we can exchange the positions of components in the board, rearrange the circuit and pcb design layout, etc., in order to achieve the desired effect of customers.

Comilion board copying service can convert your PCB sample into Gerber files for production; For you to generate a variety of PCB software format documents: PROTEL99, DXP, PADS, etc. We can also make PCB sample, schematic diagram, PCB packaging diagram, BOM list and PCB proofing or mass production for you. And can stand in the customer's point of view for secondary development, to meet your needs.

We can not only improve and solve some defects and deficiencies in the current wiring, and have a full set of advanced experimental equipment, can test all states of PCB board circuit signal, to meet the requirements of customers for PCB board modification, effectively ensure the success rate of pcb board copying. For those customers who focus on product marketing to save a lot of time and cost to change the board, to help customers always have a leading advantage in the product market, to create value for customers; Provide learning and research materials for engineers and R&D institutions.

PCB board copying flow chart:

Advantages of PCB copying board cooperation with us:

1. Free evaluation of PCB board copying project before cooperation:

1. Whether there is an encryption program;

2. Whether there are grinding models and fake models of chips;

3, whether there is production suspension or other factors of the device;

Note: Failure to solve any of the above three items will affect the integrity of the data!!


2, copy board "fast, accurate, reasonable price" :

1. The price of PCB copying board is calculated according to the number of welding inventory. According to the different number of layers and the required data, the unit price of point pricing is different;

2. Under normal circumstances, the copying cycle of single and double layers is 1-2 days, and 8-layer boards are 5-7 days. Complex boards (many devices, many layers, complex board structure) need to be delivered according to the physical evaluation of samples;

3, "Create a win-win situation with customers" has been our cooperation principle.

3. Strong overall strength:

1, we can provide PCB board copy, PCB design, prototype debugging, BGA welding, device selection, IC procurement, high precision board, SMT SMT processing and other services;

2. Design products required by customers according to their requirements, including the secondary development of functional improvement and technical optimization of existing products;

3. With more than 10 years of actual combat experience, I have carried out secondary development and prototype production of electronic products in various industries, and the success rate of copying board is 100%;

4, PCB board copy software:

Software for PCB files: Protel99Se, DXP, PADS;

The software used for reverse schematic: Protel99Se, DXP, PADS;

5. Perfect late service system

External: adhere to the "customer first" purpose of service, customer service telephone 24 hours online, for you to solve problems.

Internal: accurate and timely feedback product situation, quality information and a variety of important social information, for enterprises to make correct decisions in a timely manner, to better serve our customers

Komaolong technology electronic product design (layout design) PCB design company, mainly undertake multi-layer, high density PCB design panel business.

With an average of more than 10 years of work experience in PCB design team, skilled use of market mainstream PCB design software, professional and efficient communication to ensure the progress of PCB design, help you to seize the market opportunity earlier!

Our service philosophy: a board of success, a one-time to do things well. Reduce the number of research and development, reduce research and development costs

- The product will be brought to the market quickly to seize the opportunity

- Strict process, standard design, in line with the mainstream PCB board factory and assembly manufacturers process requirements

-- Design parameters are not only suitable for the research and development phase, but also take full account of mass production characteristics

- Own plate factory and SMT factory, familiar with various production parameters

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.