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What is PCBA post welding process?
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What is PCBA post welding process?

In addition to patch processing, many products in PCBA processing also need plug-ins. Generally speaking, plug-ins are welded by wave soldering to improve welding efficiency and achieve mass production. But in addition to wave soldering, there is a welding method that is post-welding processing, that is, the operator is required to directly use the electric soldering iron for welding processing. With the rapid development of SMT OEM and materials processing efficiency today, why do we still use this inefficient processing mode of post-welding? In fact, some components are not suitable for SMT proofing small batch processing, also not suitable for wave soldering, can only be processed by manual welding.

The reason why post-welding is needed in PCBA processing

The position of the component plug-in close to the edge of the plate will encounter the assembly line, affecting the normal welding.

Two, special components for customers with special requirements of high sensitivity components, also can not be wave soldering.

3. The height of components is limited by high-wave welding, and the components are too high to lead to wave soldering.

Four, there are a small number of plug-ins in the wave crest side in a circuit board, there will be some plug-ins on the side of the wave crest welding, if it is a small number of plug-ins, you can use post-welding processing to improve efficiency.

Five, components are not resistant to high temperature, now lead-free technology is becoming more and more popular. The temperature in the furnace is higher than that of the lead when soldering through the wave crest. Therefore, some components that are not resistant to high temperature cannot pass wave soldering.

Shenzhen kingford specializes in providing integrated PCBA electronic manufacturing services, including upstream electronic component procurement to PCB production and processing, SMT patches, DIP plug-ins, PCBA testing, finished product assembly and other one-stop services.

The company gives full play to its competitive advantages in scale procurement and quality control, and has signed long-term cooperation agreements with many electronic component manufacturers at home and abroad and around the world to ensure the quality and stable supply of raw materials, and transfer the benefits to customers.

PCBA  board

Long-term maintenance of IC, resistance, capacitance, inductance, audion and other components procurement advantages, can greatly save the customer's inventory cost, improve the production turnover efficiency, save time. At present, we provide PCBA processing services to customers in the United States, Britain, Japan, Russia, France, Canada, Australia, Romania, Switzerland and other countries and regions.

We provide PCBA processing services, starting from PCB circuit board production, our own PCB manufacturers (obtained the very strict TS16949 certification of the automotive industry), pay attention to the quality of the circuit board and PCBA quality control system.

With years of experience in purchasing electronic components, we maintain long-term cooperation with large brands to ensure the original packaging and procurement channels of components. In the process of component packaging, the selection of Qianzhu and Letai solder paste, to ensure the reliability of welding, with automatic printing press, Panasonic high-speed SMT machine, up and down eight temperature zone reflow welding, AOI automatic optical detector, can effectively ensure the reliability and quality of electronic packaging process.

In addition, perfect IPC, IPQC, OQA and other management processes, clear job responsibilities, strict implementation of IPC electronic assembly acceptance standards. For PCBA testing, we have professional engineers to perform 100% batch testing using a variety of test stands, including access, noise, amplitude, signal, temperature, humidity, drop or to perform customer detailed test plans. All efforts are aimed at becoming a refined PCBA processing factory.

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