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Look at the characteristics of power inverter products
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Look at the characteristics of power inverter products

The current PCB copying means that on the premise that there are real electronic products and real circuit boards, reverse analysis of the circuit board is carried out by means of reverse research and development technology, and 1:1 restoration of the original product's PCB documents, PCB bill of materials (BOM) documents, schematic documents and other technical documents as well as PCB silk printing production documents is carried out, and then these PCB technical documents and production documents are used for PCB board making, component welding, flying pin testing Circuit board debugging, complete the complete copy of the original circuit board template.

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Power inverter power supply is a new generation of special power supply for power system. It is mainly designed and manufactured according to the characteristics and requirements of power system. It is suitable for the requirements of power system for high quality and reliability of power supply equipment. It is widely used in power system communication, carrier wave, monitoring, relay protection and accident lighting. It can also provide uninterrupted power for AC lubricating electric pumps, AC fans and pumps in power plants. It is widely used in aerospace, financial system, office automation control, medical and health, military research and other fields.

Special inverter power supply for electric power. This power supply is made in PWM mode with microprocessor as the core, and is equipped with isolation transformer integration system, highly integrated digital circuit design, pure sine wave output of power frequency isolation transformer, and pure stable output of waveform. It is mainly designed and manufactured according to the characteristics and requirements of power systems such as power plants, substations, power supply bureaus, etc. It can use the existing DC screen of power plants or substations, It forms a special inverter power supply for electric power to realize reliable DC plus reliable inverter power supply, which is widely used in 110VDC or 220VDC power systems.

1. Microprocessor of American INTEL company and original Mitsubishi IGBT

2. Adopt highly integrated digital circuit design to improve machine efficiency and effectively reduce failure rate

3. Pure sine wave output, with pure and stable waveform

4. The output adopts isolation transformer, and the output voltage is stable and safe

5. Full bridge circuit structure, applicable to any load

6. It is allowed to automatically switch to the mains bypass after the DC is cut off under the startup state, without affecting the power supply of the load, so as to facilitate the maintenance and replacement of the DC power supply system

7. It has the characteristics of high loss, strong overload capacity, complete protection functions, modular packaging, etc., ensuring the stability and reliability of the inverter process

8. With output PCB short circuit protection; Super lightning protection, surge and surge protection; Over current protection; Input overvoltage and undervoltage protection; Internal over temperature protection

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