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Professional Technology of PCB Manufacturers Unveils High end Technology
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Professional Technology of PCB Manufacturers Unveils High end Technology

Professional Technology of PCB Manufacturers Unveils High end Technology

Circuit board manufacturers, circuit board designers and PCBA manufacturers explain the professional technology of circuit board manufacturers and unveil the veil of high-end technology

Curiosity is human nature. In the face of novel and interesting things, curiosity always sends us to approach it, explore it, and uncover its mystery. In this process, we will obtain a sense of satisfaction and achievement. With the development of electronic technology, many scholars are curious about these high-end electronic technologies. Therefore, the professional board copying technology and professional board copying companies came into being, revealing their mystery.

What is the professional board copying technology?

Few laymen understand what professional board copying technology is? The professional board copying technology has entered the reverse research stage, that is, on the premise of existing electronic products and circuit boards, the reverse research technology section is applied to reverse analyze the circuit boards, and the original product pcb documents, bill of materials (BOM) documents, schematic documents and other technical documents as well as pcb silk printing consumption documents are recovered 1:1, and then these technologies and consumption documents are applied to stop pcb board making, component welding Flying needle test, circuit board debugging, complete the complete copy of the circuit board model.

Why is the professional board copying technology so popular?

The reverse engineering of professional board copying technology is a new industry, which has been developing rapidly in recent years after just 30 years; What has promoted the rapid growth of the pcb board industry? The development of electronic product technology is the driving force. Smart electronic products are surging, and the market competition is extremely fierce. First tier brands can certainly lead the market; However, many small and medium-sized electronic enterprises are struggling for survival. Professional board copying companies provide technical support for these enterprises, bringing about a turnaround in survival. The new technology is updated from time to time, and the market demand for pcb copy board is greater.

Circuit board

Small chip big use IC decryption explores cutting-edge technology

A small chip can change our lives. With the development of science and technology, chips have been everywhere, bringing us many conveniences and highlights. If the CPU is regarded as the heart of the entire computer system, the chipset is equivalent to the trunk of the whole body, almost determining the function of the motherboard, and thus affecting the performance of the entire computer system. It can be seen that a small chip plays a role of soul and is an important part of electronic components.

The competition of chip technology has entered white heat

Recently, German scientists successfully developed the technology of implanting microchip, which can help blind people suffering from retinal pigment degeneration (RP) degenerative disease to see again. The chip is about 3mm in size and is composed of 1500 pixels, each of which has its own amplifier and electrode. It sounds like a science fiction film to implant a chip on an organ as sensitive as the eyes. However, today's science and technology make all these things reasonable.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and the competition between chip industries is the competition of science and technology. Whoever grasps the latest chip technology first can seize the market first. Facing the leading science and technology in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, China, as a developing country, is unlikely to catch up in a short time. Therefore, it is the best choice to use IC decryption to absorb chip technology from developed countries. There is no perfect thing in the world, nor is there a chip. IC decryption is the process of making use of these imperfections to find a breakthrough and obtain the data in the microcontroller through professional decryption equipment. When the decryption engineer reverses the design schematic diagram of the chip, the original chip can be copied and cloned.

IC decrypts micro innovation to create characteristic brand

Since IC decryption can reproduce the same chip as the original chip, why is China's chip industry still in a dark place? According to data, China has become a big chip consumer, but China still relies on imports in chip supply. Although many electronics giants have set up chip processing plants in China, the proportion of chips independently researched and developed in China is still small. IC decryption has not made China the leader of chips, but has become a primary processing factory. The reason is, on the one hand, that IC decryption companies blindly follow the trend, and on the other hand, that our national innovation consciousness is weak.

No matter how good the imitation is, it cannot surpass the genuine. In order to promote the development of China's chip industry, IC decryption needs a "micro plastic surgery". Micro adjust the original chip to fill the loopholes and improve the defects. This is the so-called secondary development and innovative design of chips.

In the future, the degree of informatization will be higher and higher, and the demand of chip market will increase year by year. China needs to unite all forces that can be united, explore cutting-edge chip technology, and innovate and develop the chip industry. Circuit board manufacturers, circuit board designers and PCBA processors will explain the professional technology of circuit board manufacturers and unveil the high-end technology.

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