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Mistaken Ideas, Background and Development History of PCB Copying
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Mistaken Ideas, Background and Development History of PCB Copying

Mistaken Ideas, Background and Development History of PCB Copying


Many people misunderstand the concept of PCB copying. In fact, with the continuous development and deepening of the copying industry, today's concept of PCB copying has been extended to a wider range. It is no longer limited to the copying and cloning of SIMple circuit boards, but also involves the secondary development of products and the research and development of new products. For example, through the analysis of the existing product technICal documents, the understanding and discussion of the design ideas, structural features, process technology, etc., it can provide feasibility analysis and competitive reference for the R&D and design of new products, assist the R&D and design units to timely follow up the latest technology development trends, timely adjust and improve the product design scheme, and develop the most competitive new products in the MARKet. At the same time, through the extraction and partial modification of the technical data files, the PCB copying process can realize the rapid updating, upgrading and secondary development of various types of electronic products. According to the document diagrams and schematic diagrams extracted from the PCB copying process, professional designers can also optimize the design and modification of PCB according to the wishes of customers, and can also add new functions or redesign the functional features of products on this basis, In this way, products with new functions will appear at the fastest speed and with a new attitude. They not only have their own intellectual property rights, but also win the first opportunity in the market, bringing double benefits to customers.

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Generation background

In the 1980s, Western capitalist countries made great efforts to develop science and technology, and various high-end scientific and technological electronic products CAMe into being. Such electronic products are widely used. The product developer has a complete set of technical solutions and monopolizes the technical solutions of such products. Some enterprises that develop products even maliciously raise the price of their products, which has made greater profits. In this monopoly environment, some enterprises try to break this monopoly, make profits from it, try to copy this kind of products, and do reverse research and analysis on these high-tech products, which is what we call PCB copying. PCB copying industry also came into being.


The concept of PCB copying was first born in the 1980s, when reverse engineering began to rise in the domestic aCADEMIc circle. After nearly 30 years of development, PCB copying has become a global industry serving the development of the global electronic industry and the research of domestic core technologies, and various domestic and foreign copying companies have also blossomed everywhere. The development of this industry and its various sensations in the field of science and technology make more and more people begin to pay attention to it, and also make more enterprises enter the era of competing with international large enterprises in science and technology through their services. Especially in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, China, PCB copying is more popular, and there are also a number of authoritative laboratories specializing in PCB copying technology research.

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers will explain the mistakes, background and development history of PCB copying.

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