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How to choose PCBA manufacturerelectronic technology?

Secondly, excellent PCBA manufacturers need to have a complete quality management system to ensure product reliability and consistency. The best way to do this is to ask the PCBA manufacturer if they have ISO 9001 quality management system certification o

Three points method to shorten PCBA proofing time

In the whole PCBA proofing process, the whole process management is very important, and it is usually responsible for the engineer in charge of management. In the process of implementation, managers should develop and implement the whole process managemen

PCBA processing seven-point operating rules

The operating steps of PCBA and components are reduced to a minimum to prevent dangers. In assembly areas where gloves must be used, soiled gloves can cause contamination, so replace them frequently if necessary

The causes and solutions of PCBA welding point pulling

The tip of the solder joint may also be related to the poor connection between the leading end of the Component and the PCB pad. If the connection is poor, it will lead to the internal solder joint is not tight enough, and when the solder joint experience

Six methods to prevent PCBA plate bending and warping in the welding furnace

The layout and welding method are also one of the key factors to prevent the bending and warping of PCBA plate after passing through the welding furnace. For example, in a complex assembly process, welding must begin at both ends of the PCB to control the

How many steps does PCBA process product rework?

After the rework operation is complete, some test acceptance work needs to be done. This can help manufacturers determine the effect of rework, test the quality of electronic products, and verify the reliability of products. Test acceptance can be carried

What information should be provided for PCBA processing production and quotation respectively?

Circuit diagram design: As mentioned earlier, circuit diagram design is the key to electronic machining and has a great impact on PCBA quotation.

PCBA splitter in PCBA processing plant function and use precautions

By recording and saving test data, the production process and test results of each product can be traced. If there is a quality problem, the test data can be traced back to the specific production batch and process, and the cause of the problem can be fur

How to select the PCBA substrate part

Rf substrates are PCBA substrates specially designed for RF signal transmission and processing. They use special materials and wiring technology to ensure stability and low loss in the high frequency range. Rf substrates are widely used in wireless commun

How to select the PCBA substrate type?

Thick copper substrate is a PCBA substrate with a high copper layer thickness. They are suitable for applications that need to handle high currents and high power, such as electric vehicle battery management systems, industrial control equipment and power

Why do I need to pre-heat PCBA before processing?

Quality testing Quality testing is one of the important means to ensure that the quality of the products we produce is high. We need to conduct quality inspection at each step and a final inspection of the entire product before the final product leaves th

Reasons and countermeasures of solder spatter in PCBA wave soldering

how should the solder paste splash? Solder paste spatter can cause component damage, even cause failure, improper use may cause harm to the operator. Therefore, to prevent solder paste spatter, we recommend the following measures

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