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high frequency

High frequency circuit board wiring precautions

With the wide application of wireless communication technology in various fields, high frequency, high speed and high density have gradually become one of the development trends of modern electronic products.

PCB board factory, design high frequency impedance circuit board what are the special methods

If the transmission line is isotropic, there will always be a current as long as the signal is transmitted.

How to design the high frequency PCB board of microwave circuit?

Many peers have completed the planning of electronic products often appear problems. Related to the lack of necessary elements in the planning of electrical principles, but more important is when all necessary elements are considered.

Explain PCB high frequency board and classification

The presets need to contain both electrical and structural reliability. Generally in the preset very high speed PCB wrench (greater than GHz frequency) this board problem will be relatively tight.

Precautions for high frequency and high speed signal cable on PCB board

The onboard antenna needs to be placed at the edge of the board and where the antenna area is located. Copper foil exclusion zones are required for all layers, and the antenna should be separated from the ground plane of the PCB.

Overlay design and bonding control of high frequency mixed pressure plate

With the rapid development of electronic communication technology, in order to realize high speed and high fidelity transmission of signals, more and more high-frequency circuit boards are used in communication equipment.

How to solve the power supply noise interference on high frequency circuit board?

Power supply noise is directly or indirectly generated from the power supply, to prevent the influence of power supply noise on the circuit, but also to minimize the influence of the outside world or circuit on the power supply.

Basic requirements for high frequency microwave plates

High frequency microwave plate forming and printed board, CNC milling is the main. But the method of milling is very different for different materials.

What are the characteristics of high frequency microwave printed board manufacturing?

In the high speed signal transmission line of printed board wire, one is the high frequency signal transmission class of electronic products, the other is the high speed logic signal transmission class of electronic products.

The technical requirements of high speed and high frequency copper clad plate for 5G communication

Thin substrate material should be selected for 5G high-frequency plate. Meanwhile, material characteristics such as high thermal conductivity, smooth surface of copper foil and low loss factor should be selected to reduce heating.

You must know the knowledge of high frequency high speed PCB test

The production process of high frequency and high speed PCB board is basically the same as that of ordinary PCB board.

High frequency PCB layout and wiring 10 tips

The reasonable selection of printed board size can make full use of the intermediate layer to set the shield, realize the nearby grounding better, reduce the parasitic inductance and shorten the transmission length of the signal.

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