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Circuit board assembly

What does the PCB manufacturer mean by PCBA test?

The circuit board manufacturer and circuit board designer explain to you what PCBA test means

Circuit board assembly manufacturing

It is not easy to make circuit boards. Some gadget enthusiasts like to design and create their own printed electric boards, but they don't like the finished aspects of the machine. Besides, it takes a lot of time to make a lot of boards at home. Let us kn

Circuit board assembly

Printed circuit boards (PCBS) are the basis of every electronic device. However, in order for PCBS to work reliably, there are some best practices that must be followed during assembly. Follow these six steps to make your next PCB assembly process smoothe

The problem of intercepting DDR faulty soldering

PCB problem Why can't the product execute burn in (BI) to intercept the problem of DDR faulty soldering?

PCB process circuit board assembly function test (FVT)

The circuit board manufacturer and circuit board designer will explain the functional test of circuit board assembly

How can PCB companies maximize their own funds when producing consumer products

How can PCB companies maximize their own funds when producing consumer products

What are the PCBA circuit board assembly production processes?

There are several considerations in the assembly and production of PCBA circuit boards. After the soldering and conformal coating steps of the PCB assembly process are completed, our quality assurance team will conduct a final inspection - testing the PCB

SMT PCBA assembly design document

What design documents should be included in SMT PCBA assembly

Simple process edge tooling for removing PCBA board

Design Scheme of Simple Process Side Tooling for PCBA Board Removal

Explanation of tin bead in PCBA processing

What are the requirements of acceptable standards for tin beads in PCBA processing

What is the circuit board production process

developed electrostatic discharge control programJoint standard. Including the design, establishment, implementation and maintenance of the electrostatic discharge control program necessary. According to the historical experience of some military organiza

Rust on PCB: What's the problem?

When PCBA is returned due to corrosion, the analyst needs to find the pollution source that causes corrosion in order to eliminate it.

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