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Analysis of Application Advantages of FPC FPC in Wearable Devices
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Analysis of Application Advantages of FPC FPC in Wearable Devices

FPC has excellent performance and plays an indispensable role in electronic products, meeting the development needs of smart phones and smart wearable devices. With the trend of miniaturization and thinness of electronic products, the consumption of FPC is growing continuously, ushering in vigorous development.


1Advantages of FPC

With the trend of 5G replacement and the growth of the smart wearable device market, FPC has become the main application component in electronic products due to its advantages of high speed, high frequency, bending and folding, light and thin integration. The physical characteristics of FPC can be summarized as follows: in compact and thin products, multi-dimensional packaging can be realized to improve the flexibility and space utilization of products; It has excellent electrical performance, can quickly transmit electrical signals, and provides higher assembly reliability; It is helpful to reduce the assembly process of electronic products and enhance the stability of machinery.

2Application of FPC in Smartphone

FPC can be used in camera, display screen, touch screen, battery, antenna, fingerprint module, keys and other hardware in smart phones. With the arrival of 5G, the usage of FPC is also increasing, which is mainly reflected in the application of multiple cameras, fingerprint module under the screen, RF antenna, folding screen, flexible screen and the extensibility function. The use of FPCs in a single smart phone can be increased to about 20 pairs.

FPC occupies a large advantage in folding screen mobile phones, which can realize hundreds of bends and meet the development needs of folding screen mobile phones; The volume is light and thin, which is conducive to reducing the body thickness of the folding screen mobile phone.

3Application of FPC in Intelligent Wearable Devices

Smart watches and TWS earphones among smart wearable devices have obvious market growth and broad prospects. FPC flexible circuit board is one of the main materials in intelligent wearable devices. It has high stability and reliable connection in a small space, which can reduce the number of electronic packages and reduce the probability of electronic failure. FPC has thin thickness, light weight, good flexibility, and can also adapt to various forms of intelligent wearable devices. It has a large development space in this field.

4Requirements for High Quality FPC

The performance and quality of FPCs vary greatly due to different manufacturing processes or material choices. High quality FPCs should meet these requirements:

1. The appearance is not deformed, the screw holes are not misaligned, and the design has no error; 2. It has strong environmental resistance and can maintain good performance under high temperature and high humidity; 3. The thickness, width and distance of the line shall meet the installation requirements without short circuit and open circuit; 4. There is no additional electromagnetic radiation, and the copper on the surface is not easy to fall off and be oxidized; 5. The mechanical performance, electrical performance and environmental performance meet the testing requirements and have high reliability.

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