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PCB thermal design and small batch production cycle
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PCB thermal design and small batch production cycle

In PCB production, thermal design is a very important link, whICh will directly affect the quality and performance of PCB. The purpose of thermal design is to take appropriate measures and methods to reduce the temperature of components and PCB boards, so that the system can work normally at the appropriate temperature. What are the methods of PCB thermal desig?

1. Heat is dissipated through the PCB itself.

The best way to solve the heat dissipation is to improve the heat dissipation capacity of the PCB itself that directly contacts the heating elements, and to transmit or distribute through the PCB.

2. High heating device with radiator and heat conduction plate.

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When there are fewer than 3 heats of a few components in the PCB, a heat sink or heat conduction tube can be added to the PCB heating components to enhance the heat dissipation effect. When there are more than 3 heating elements, a large heat dissipation cover (plate) can be used to buckle the heat dissipation cover on the element surface as a whole to contact each element for heat dissipation.

3. The main means of heat dissipation are to adopt reasonable routing design to realize heat dissipation, improve the residual rate of copper foil and increase heat conduction holes.

4. The thermal resistance between high heat dissipation devices and PCB substrate shall be reduced as much as possible.

5. In the horizontal direction, high-power devices are arranged as close to the edge of the printed board as possible to shorten the heat transfer path; In the vertical direction, high-power devices shall be arranged as close as possible to the top of the printed circuit board to reduce the impact of these devices on the temperature of other devices.

6. The heat dissipation of PCB in the equipment mainly depends on the air flow, so the air flow path should be studied in the design to reasonably configure the devices.

7. The devices sensitive to temperature are better placed in the area with the lowest temperature, such as the bottom of the board.

8. The hot spots shall be evenly distributed on the PCB as much as possible to maintain the uniformity and consistency of PCB surface temperature performance.

What are the short production cycles of SMAll batch pcb manufacturers?

In order to shorten the PCB production cycle, manufacturers must strictly manage and control the whole production process from order placement to production completion, so as to achieve rapid delivery. What are some small batch PCB manufacturers that have a short production cycle and can ensure on-time delivery?

As a professional small batch PCB manufacturer, it has the following advantages:

On the one hand, it has certain Internet thinking, and its access to ERP system can provide automatic production scheduling and online product management, so that it can reasonably and compactly arrange production and determine the delivery date. In addition, online product management also helps manufacturers keep track of production progress at any time, so that they can make timely adjustments when problems are found, and help improve the on-time delivery rate.

On the other hand, it also insists on introducing advanced automatic production equipment, which greatly improves its production process capability. In the production process, it is also equipped with a production management team to supervise and control each production process, so that everything is within the controllable range, and on-time delivery is achieved on the basis of quality assurance.

More importantly, for customers, they can directly check the online status of orders through the Internet client, including the links, testing conditions, express companies, logistics information, etc., so that everything can be planned.

Finally, to sum up, there are countless small batch PCB manufacturers with short production cycles. In addition to the speed of delivery, customers need to consider PCB board quality and other aspects in order to promote their own business.

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