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 Small batch PCBA assembly
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Small batch PCBA assembly

                                                             Small batch PCBA assembly

This is the process involved in PCBA production and assembly by reducing costs while ensuring high quality is maintained. Here, the processes employ various techniques to maintain quality and keep costs down.

Techniques used to secure low-volume PCBs

As mentioned earlier, the purpose here is to utilize unique technology in smt processing. This means you have to find some unique technique to help you assemble all the components of your PCB. Here are some techniques to use when assembling low-volume PCBs and still maintaining high quality.

Minimize the number of layers

This is a very important technique when it comes to reducing the costs associated with SMT assembly. This requires reducing the number of layers. In this way, the cost of components and materials will definitely be reduced

be careful when arranging

When assembling in the smt patch factory, care must be taken when arranging the number of vias. By doing so, errors of any kind will be eliminated or reduced, thereby reducing costs.

proper size

You must take extra care when adjusting and planning important details such as annular rings and holes. We mean it has to be perfect. When you keep your board size to a minimum, you should avoid mistakes

prevent internal cuts

Prevent internal cuts in printed circuit boards in smt patches. This will help eliminate the costs involved in repairing internal cuts. With this, you will be able to save on material costs for internal wiring as well as via drilling.

Choose the most suitable via

Selecting the most suitable vias, which does not cause any complication to the pcb assembly process, is very important here. Possibly buying vias at a higher price for this, but will save you a lot of money in the long run.

stick to the basics

Always stick to PCB assembly basics and don't risk a custom design. Keep the normal shape of the PCB and do not experiment with unusually shaped PCBs.

maintain industry standards

Make sure to keep to the standard requirements and don't venture into unknown territory. For this case, use only the correct standard components, size and choose the correct finish.

Since the main PCB circuit boards and components do not have the possibility of price increase in the dark, the cost level is reflected in the assembly process. The main costs of the assembly link are as follows:

1. SMT patch processing proofing, patch processing according to the number of points and packaging, there will be a certain difference in price. Large quantity and high price are the industry consensus. The larger the component package size, the easier it is to mount, and the corresponding poor quality will be reduced. Therefore, there is more room for communication in terms of price.

2. Welding hours after DIP plug-in, because the plug-in material link involves special-shaped parts and material forming, this link requires a lot of manual participation, because there is no production capacity reference of machinery and equipment, this link is the most difficult link to control the cost. At the same time, the current labor cost remains high, and the cost of this link is generally high.

3. Assembly test: test fixtures, test equipment, test man-hours, test fixtures currently range from tens to hundreds of yuan according to the difficulty of the test, and the test of communication equipment also requires the assistance of optical fiber, ICT and other test equipment, and the corresponding labor And equipment loss needs to be taken into account, but it will not be very high, and some companies even test for free.

4. Auxiliary materials: solder paste, tin bar, flux, UV glue, furnace fixture, the quality of solder paste and solder bar is the most important auxiliary material in the whole processing link. Generally, the price of domestic solder paste is 180~260 / bottle, imported solder paste may be 320~480 / bottle, so the price of imported solder paste will be much higher for the same soldering area, but the difference in soldering quality is very obvious.

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