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Fixed-bit open circuit
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Fixed-bit open circuit

1. Open the road caused by scratches on the film line;

2. There is trachoma on the line of the location film, resulting in open circuit;

Improvement method:

1, the film on the line caused by scratches open, film film surface and the surface of the board or garbage friction and scratch film surface line, resulting in light transmission, after the development of the film scratch line is also covered by ink, resulting in plating anti-plating, etching line is eroded and open.

2. There is trachoma on the line of film film surface when in alignment, and the line at the trachoma of film is also covered by ink after development, resulting in anti-plating when electroplating, and the line is eroded and open when etching. Bioneng belongs to Qinji Group, is the leading electronic industry service platform in China, providing online components, sensor procurement, PCB customization, BOM, material selection and other electronic industry supply chain solutions, one-stop to meet the comprehensive needs of small and medium-sized customers in the electronics industry.


Four, anti-plating open circuit

1. When developing, the dry film is broken and attached to the line, resulting in an open circuit;

2. The surface of the circuit is attached with ink to open the circuit;

Improvement method

1. The dry film is broken and attached to the line, resulting in an open circuit:

A. The "drilled tail holes" and "silk screen holes" on the edge of the film or on the film are not completely sealed with light blocking paper. The dry film at the edge of the plate is photocured to death during exposure, and becomes dry film fragments during development, which fall into the developer solution or washing cylinder. The dry film fragments adhere to the line on the surface of the plate during subsequent passing through the plate, resist plating during electroplating, and form an open circuit after film removal and etching.

b. The nonmetallic hole covered with dry film breaks the dry film of the hole into pieces due to excessive pressure or insufficient adhesion during development, and falls into the developer or washing cylinder. The dry film fragments are attached to the line when passing over the plate later, anti-plating during electroplating, and an open circuit is formed after film removal and etching.

2, the line surface is attached to the ink caused by open circuit, the main reason is that the ink is not pre-baked dry or developer ink amount is too much, ink attached to the board, and then stick to the back of the drive shaft or sponge suction reel, the following plate when attached to the line, anti-plating in electroplating, after the formation of open circuit film etching.

One article know what is PCB soft and hard combined board

Rigid-flexible PCB board is a circuit board that combines flexible and rigid circuit board technology in applications. Most rigid flexible plates consist of multiple layers of flexible roadbed plates attached externally and/or internally to one or more rigid plates, depending on the design of the application. Flexible substrates are designed to be in a constant flexure state and are usually formed into a flexure curve during fabrication or installation.

Rigid-flex designs are more challenging than those in typical rigid board environments because these boards are designed in 3D Spaces, which also provides greater spatial efficiency. By being able to design in three dimensions, rigid flexible designers can twist, fold and roll flexible sheet substrates to achieve the desired shape for the final application of packaging.

Rigid flexible PCB manufacturing application

Rigid-flexible PCBS provide a wide range of applications from smart devices to mobile phones and digital cameras. Rigid flexible plate fabrication has been increasingly used in medical devices such as pacemakers to reduce space and weight. The use of rigid flexible PCBS has the same advantages and can be applied to intelligent control systems.

In consumer products, PCB hardboard hardboard not only maximizes space use and minimizes weight, but also greatly improves reliability, thus eliminating many of the needs for welded joints and fragile, brittle wiring that is prone to connection problems. These are just a few examples, but rigid-flexible PCBS can benefit almost all advanced electrical applications, including test equipment, tools, and automobiles.


PCB demand in the computer field can be divided into PC and service/storage and other segments, in which the PC market is basically saturated and the growth rate is relatively slow, while the service/storage market scale is growing rapidly. Service/storage PCB requirements are based on 6-16 layer boards and packaging substrates. The application of PCB in high-end server mainly includes backplane, high level number card, HDI card, GF card, etc., which is mainly reflected in high level number, high aspect ratio, high density and high transmission rate. The development of the high-end server market will also drive the PCB market especially the high-end PCB market.

At present, the global data center to high speed, large capacity and other characteristics of development. According to data statistics from IDC, the global data center market reached $45.2 billion in 2016, with a growth rate of 17%. However, the growth rate of Chinese data centers is significantly faster than the global pace, with the scale of 71.5 billion yuan in 2016, a growth rate of 37%. Under the continuous development of high-speed, large-capacity, cloud computing, high-performance servers, PCB design requirements are also constantly upgraded, such as high number, large size, high aspect ratio, high density, high-speed material application, lead-free welding application, etc. About 95 percent of all servers sold in 2017 were based on Intel's X86 computing architecture, according to Copper-clad Consulting research. However, with the improvement of Intel's computing power, the requirements for the number of layers and materials of printed circuit boards are becoming higher and higher, from the previous 1U or 2U server with 4 layers, 6 layers and 8 layers of motherboards to the current 4U and 8U server with more than 16 layers and the backboard with more than 20 layers. The increase of PCB layers puts forward higher requirements for the overall processing capacity of suppliers.

Industrial control medical treatment

Industrial control equipment can be regarded as a kind of reinforced enhanced computer for industrial control to ensure the reliable operation of the industrial environment. Industrial control equipment usually has high anti-magnetic, dust-proof and other performance, with a special bottom plate, strong anti-interference power supply, continuous long time working ability and other characteristics, such as highway, subway and other traffic control systems. Medical equipment refers to instruments, equipment, appliances, materials or other articles applicable to human body alone or in combination, and medical electronic products are mainly represented as high-tech medical equipment in medical instruments, the basic characteristics of which are digitized and computerized, such as ultrasonic instrument, blood cell analyzer, portable medical equipment, etc.

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