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Introduction to multilayer circuit board
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Introduction to multilayer circuit board

The double panel is a medium layer in the middle, and both sides are wire layers. Multilayer board is multi-layer wire layer, between each two layers is the medium layer, the medium layer can be made very thin. A multilayer circuit board has at least three conducting layers, two of which are on the outer surface, while the remaining layer is synthesized within the insulating board. The electrical connection between them is usually achieved by plated through holes in the cross-section of the circuit board.

When designing a four-layer PCB circuit board, how to design the layering in general?

In theory, there are three options.

In Scheme one, 1 power layer, 1 stratum and 2 signal layers are arranged as follows: TOP (signal layer), L2(stratum), L3(power layer), BOT (signal layer).

In Scheme 2, 1 power layer, 1 stratum and 2 signal layers are arranged as follows: TOP (power layer), L2(signal layer), L3(signal layer), BOT (stratum).

Scheme 3:1 power layer, 1 stratum and 2 signal layers are arranged as follows: TOP (signal layer), L2(power layer), L3(stratum), BOT (signal layer).

Signal layer


Power layer

Signal layer

What are the pros and cons of each of these three options?

Scheme 1, the main laminated design scheme of the four-layer PCB in this scheme, there is a ground plane under the component surface, and the key signal is preferably distributed in the TOP layer; As for the layer thickness setting, there are the following suggestions: Should the impedance control core board (GND to POWER) not be too thick to reduce the power supply? The distributed impedance of ground plane; * The effect of removing lotus root from the power plane.

Scheme two, some schemes mainly in order to achieve a certain shielding effect, the power supply? Is the ground level on TOP? BOTTOM layer, but in order to achieve the ideal shielding effect, there are at least the following defects :1. Power supply? If the ground distance is too far, the power plane impedance is large. 2. Power supply? The ground plane is incomplete due to the influence of the element pad. As the reference surface is incomplete and the signal impedance is discontinuous, in fact, due to the large number of surface attached devices, the power supply of this scheme is more and more dense for the devices. Ground can hardly be used as a complete reference plane, and the expected shielding effect is difficult to achieve. Option 2 is limited in scope? But in individual veneers, scheme 2 is a better arrangement scheme? Scheme 3: Similar to Scheme 1, this scheme is suitable for the layout of main devices in the BOTTOM or the bottom wiring of key signals;

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