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The green insulation paint of PCB under the plate will peel off after passing through the automatic tin furnace.
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The green insulation paint of PCB under the plate will peel off after passing through the automatic tin furnace.

I don't know why? What are the reasons for S/M Peeling after gold?

1. There are three great possibilities for green paint to fall off. The first is that the nature of green paint itself is not enough to withstand the test of tin furnace, which may be caused by the expiration of green paint or poor operation. Almost all green paints used by the industry are tested for heat resistance, reliability, etc., so there should not be a problem regularly. In this regard, review whether the material itself has changed or whether the process has changed.


2, the second may be the influence of external force, including flux supply and mechanical collision, especially in the high temperature condition green paint characteristics are no longer like the normal temperature environment with high hardness, at this time the board of green paint by any external impact is easy to scratch off.Keyou circuit13 years professional rapid production of high precision double-sided, multilayer circuit board, LED aluminum substrate, aluminum circuit board, copper substrate, quality assurance, delivery on time, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.


3, the third greater possibility is that the circuit board before the green paint coating or storage caused by moisture absorption of the explosion, water gas in heat gasification volume expansion of nearly three hundred times, instant temperature rise and green paint softening, it is very easy to make the green paint peel. This kind of problem will appear in the process of the board production of tin spray, may also occur in the wave welding, back welding and other assembly process.


4. SMPEELING after gold can be possible, the first may be that the copper is not ideal before processing, the second may be insufficient drying before S/M coating, the third may be that the stagnation time is too long to produce oxide layer, the fourth may be that the green paint itself is not suitable for the gold process, the fifth may be that the green paint is not suitable for the polymerization degree. Sixth, it may also occur if you do more than one high temperature process, such as gold leaching and gold plating together or twice. You have to do a detailed analysis to clarify item by item because there are many possibilities, but in general usage is quite important for the S/M category.


Some special green paint, the reaction to UV light is slow, need oxygen and relatively high exposure energy to achieve high degree of polymerization. If the exposure degree of polymerization is insufficient, the subsequent baking will not be able to fully achieve the due strength of polymerization. If this kind of material is used, the operator should be clearly informed of the correct handling method, otherwise the problem will continue. The above is for your reference.


Five tips for Battery circuit boards to help your electric car battery last longer

Those who often ride electric bikes know that battery consumption is the biggest consumption of electric bikes, so they will be very concerned about extending the service life of batteries. So, what are the skills of electric vehicle battery maintenance? The following battery circuit board for you to explain a few skills in detail, hope to love electric car battery friends help. Rational use of electric vehicles can effectively save electricity. Most of the current electric bicycle batteries are lead-acid batteries. The main points to note are as follows:

1. In order to save electricity, it is best to ride at a moderate speed or maintain a uniform speed when cycling. If the road section needs to slow down, it should be slowed down in advance and skid as little as possible. There is an emergency or good road condition also don't always a screw to the end riding Ke you circuit technology Co., Ltd. is a professional rapid production of high precision double-sided, multi-layer circuit board (1-26 layers),LED aluminum substrate, copper based circuit board, quality assurance, delivery on time, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.


Keyou Circuit was founded in 2003 Year is a company committed to PCB rapid proofing and mass production, with high precision single side/double side/multilayer circuit board (1-26 layers), thermoelectric separation copper substrate, multilayer industrial circuit board, power pcb board, medical circuit board, security PCB board, communication PCB board, automotive circuit board, instrument circuit board, military circuit board, composite bus copper substrate, foldable metal base Board,FPC combination of soft and hard board, quality assurance, delivery on time, to sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.


2. Read the instruction manual before riding an electric vehicle. Many people do not care, but some details and precautions of the instruction manual are the key to prolong the service life of electric vehicle batteries.


3. Don't turn to the end when riding. Turn to the end, the speed is fast, but the motor is also running at full load, the formation of consumption point fast! Usually pay more attention to the power situation, as far as possible to use the street fast charging, fast charging high voltage current damage to the battery is relatively large!


4, after use to charge in a timely manner, can not be placed for a long time under the state of no power, otherwise the battery plate will be sulfuric acid, will be completely discharged after the concept of charging is not correct, discharge depth is greater, the shorter the battery life; Once the battery is exhausted, do not continue to use it. Many users have encountered such a situation, the battery forget to charge, the result of the use of the process is completely out of power, so on the way to take the method of slowly call back again, to this, Xu Pai battery manufacturers suggest that it is best not to often use this way, because it has a very big impact on the life of the battery.


4. If the battery is particularly hot during charging, don't charge it again! Get it repaired immediately.


The battery of electric car can be said to be the most important, but many people do not care about it, but will complain about their electric car battery is not good, and the main reason is because of improper maintenance skills, resulting in premature battery loss, and choose a good battery is more important, I hope the experience summed up by the battery circuit board small can help you!

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