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Circuit board manufacturer explains IC decryption customization innovation
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Circuit board manufacturer explains IC decryption customization innovation

IC decryption, customization, innovation and personalized chip

Circuit board manufacturing, circuit board design and PCBA processing manufacturers explain IC decryption, customization and innovation, and create personalized chips

With the progress of people's life and death level, people pay more and more attention to their own health care, and mobile portable medical and health care devices are gradually prevailing. Common ones are electronic blood pressure meters, electronic blood glucose meters, electronic heart monitors, etc. In the past, with the development of intelligence, these portable medical devices began to evolve towards wearable style, aiming at long-term monitoring and recording our daily body health data. The new function request has increased the technical difficulty of the electronic chip, and also aroused the innovation enthusiasm of the IC decryption chip reverse research institute.

Wearable electronic is smaller and thinner

The innovation of electronic technology is promoting the development of wearable medical devices, which can be worn by patients for a long time to improve the quality of life and medical care. The wearable medical needs meet the technical requirements of long-term wear without deformation, durable performance, warmth, and long battery life. It will be a great challenge for chip design. The smaller and thinner the device, the smaller the chip design. The volume is smaller, but the function cannot be changed. In a small space, set up the same function program, and ensure the normal operation for a long time. In addition, the battery power consumption is also a big problem, and its sensor design requires ultra-low power consumption to achieve the minimum current consumption.

circuit boar

IC decryption simulation is easy, but not easy to innovate

With regard to such a high request, it is obvious that domestic chips are somewhat laborious. For a long time, the application of electronic equipment in high-end chips in China usually depends on imports. Not only is it expensive, but also it is not conducive to the development of chip industry in other countries. With the country's attention to the cause of information security, it began to implement support programs for the chip industry, encouraging relevant industries to jointly carry out. To develop, we must first learn the advantages of others. The IC decryption industry should take the weaknesses of foreign advanced chip systems as a breakthrough, open the reverse research technology, and obtain the internal program of the microcontroller. Through the special decryption equipment and techniques, the chip design technology center can be absorbed, and 100% recovery of the chip can be achieved. For IC decryption, cloning and copying chip is equivalent to an ordinary appendectomy, which is relatively easy and has a high victory rate. It can help enterprises lacking broad technology learn the design principles of self created western single chip computers. However, due to the lack of central technical support, IC decryption simulation is easy, but independent research and development is not.

IC decryption secondary development and innovation

Not only medical electronic devices, but also wearable devices will be infiltrated into all categories with the development of intelligence. A good market prospect will surely attract a large number of businesses to invest in consumption, and the demand for chips will also increase day by day. In order to meet more personalized functions, domestic chips need to be reformed and upgraded. As the right-hand man of chip design, IC decryption also needs to stop innovation, break the technical bottleneck and upgrade to the operation form. At the same time, based on chip research and absorption of advanced simulation technology, actively explore, deepen research and development, secondary processing and design new products with a growing period. While discovering the flaws in the chip design, the attacker of SCM should also take remedial measures to improve the sorting out of defects and promote the system. At the same time, after the success of chip information extraction, we should stop discussing and redeveloping the information, and customize new chips according to market development and objective needs. Circuit board manufacturing, circuit board design, PCBA processing manufacturers explain IC decryption, customization and innovation to create personalized chipsc

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