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PCB manufacturing
PCB board making up technology and intelligent machine problems
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PCB board making up technology and intelligent machine problems

PCB board making up technology and intelligent machine problems

circuit board manufacturing, circuit board design, PCBA processing manufacturers will explain PCB board copying technology and intelligent machine problems

Although China has become the world's largest construction machinery MARKet at present, especially many Chinese super large construction machinery enterprises have become world-class enterprises, the core components of these host manufacturers' products are to a large extent foreign products, such as transmission parts, control parts, hydraulIC parts, engines, etc. of mechanICal equipment, and these key technologies are always controlLED by foreign enterprises. Even a SMAll amount of information released by a dilapidated international giant in the patent industry will cause the "fear" of numerous domestic high-tech enterprises. Why on earth? For the same reason, our core technology is still a soft rib that restricts our development.

In fact, in the past, most of China's construction machinery development path was to directly introduce foreign technology or introduce complete sets of equipment for reverse research, digestion and absorption, and then carry out secondary development and innovation. Even if the directly introduced core technologies can really be transferred to Chinese enterprises, with the progress of the times, Chinese enterprises may not be able to upgrade these core technologies faster, better and more advanced. As the author mentioned in many previous commentaries, all the problems and gaps are caused by China's backward research on basic industrial disciplines. If we want to reverse this gap, it is really not a overnight effort.

Mr. Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, proposed five best solutions, including innovation driven development strategy, basic support strategy, high-end leading industry strategy, green development strategy, and going global strategy. The specific implementation measures also rely on reverse engineering technologies such as PCB copying and chip decryption to lay a solid foundation. Only when the foundation is improved, can we catch up with and surpass. PCB copying is the best reverse research method for digesting, absorbing and learning advanced technologies.

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PCB copying is also often called circuit board copying, PCB cloning or reverse research and development. It can use reverse research methods to obtain PCB Documents, BOM lists, schematic diagrams and other technical data of existing high-end electronic products at the fastest speed, and then use these data to clone the products 1:1. More important is the extension of PCB after copying, that is, PCB modification or secondary development, which is also the ultimate goal of PCB copying. As the saying goes, "The market is like a battlefield, knowing oneself and the enemy is invincible." PCB copying provides an opportunity for manufacturers to understand their competitors, and also take this opportunity to improve their own shortcomings. This method can save many detours and time for technical R&D personnel.

Handling the two major problems of the smart machine, the board copying service needs to be improved

As far as manufacturers are concerned, the rapid upgrading of smart phones is due to the development of technology. As far as consumers are concerned, a very important reason is that smart phones are too fragile. The era of Nokia smashing walnuts is gone forever. The screen of intelligent machine is getting larger and larger, and this defect is becoming more and more obvious. This defect extends another industry chain - mobile phone shell, but is this the final disposal plan? Of course not. Manufacturers still need to work hard in terms of data and performance, which is also a selling point. Who was the first person to build the most durable smart machine?

But this is not the most urgent problem. The more important problem is the poor battery life. Ordinary high-end smart phones may last a day, but it also takes half a day to recharge. Now, everyone who goes out is not a pile of data lines and charging belts, just afraid that the phone will run out of power.

In the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone users have surpassed PC terminals, and the mobile terminal market with more convenience and interactivity has a broader prOSPect. Therefore, the urgent problem for smart phones is battery life. This is the most competitive challenge for businesses. Can PCB copying open a new window for the market?

Let's first explain what is PCB copy? Some people will say that PCB copying technology is nothing but plagiarism, reproduction and cloning. If you think so, you are lagging behind. In the past, PCB copying technology mainly focused on reverse engineering research technology, focusing on scientific and technological innovation. On the basis of PCB copying documents, we eliminated the rough and refined, customized for customers, innovated technology, and developed the second generation of increasingly high-quality products.

At present, battery life of smart phones is always a technical problem in the industry. Even big brands like Apple and Samsung do not have strong enough technology. What is the problem? It is also required to use the operation principle of copying service technology to find problems, correct problems, re develop and innovate on the basis of the current level of science and technology, and strive for technological breakthroughs and improvements.

Of course, it will not be possible to solve this problem in a short time, nor can it be done solely by board copying service technology. It also requires PCB board copying and other hardware equipment technologies to work together to break the technical barriers. PCB manufacturing, PCB design, and PCBA processing manufacturers will explain the PCB board copying technology and intelligent machine problems.

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