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Application of FPC in Automotive Electronic Power Battery
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Application of FPC in Automotive Electronic Power Battery

As for the application of FPC in automotive electronic power battery, my recent work responsibilities mainly focus on what I can do. Boss asked me to go deeper and make some special discussion on each link of the battery. I would like to talk about the development and changes in various automotive electronics fields horizontally and the application in a single field vertically.


The sampling harness is divided into several stages

1) At the beginning of the battery module, the measuring point of the pole is extended to the connector through the wire, and then the connector is connected with the LECU. The sampling harness is long, there are many connection points, and no over-current fusing mechanism is designed.

Application of Flexible Circuit Board Battery Module

The obvious problem here is that if the connector is not carefully considered, the harness short circuit will cause several different failure modes

a) Short circuit between different voltages

b) Short circuit inside ASIC chip

c) Condensation and water inflow of connector

2) The sampling line adopts the circuit board to replace part of the sampling line

PCB FPC application

FPC application process

3) One of the circuit boards of FPC can use different process materials to connect the sampling points, the other is to design the circuit fuse and leave a place for the temperature sensor NTC.

In general, FPC can reduce the complexity of module integration process, reduce weight and save costs, so many mainstream schemes are adopted behind FPC technology.

Yazaki is also used in Japanese electrified vehicles on the original basis

FPC electrification application

In other fields, FPC is also used more, and the traditional copper wire connection has changed

Application of Flexible Circuit Board in Instrument System

Instrument system

Application of FPC in Lighting System and Mobile Camera

Lighting system and mobile camera

FPC has a wide range of applications

Junction: As for FPC material, cable width calculation, and fuse protection current design, we can convert and test the optimization according to the previous PCB design specifications in this direction. Hardware and process engineers constantly optimize the original design with new materials and designs

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