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Three pcb design software introduction
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Three pcb design software introduction

Today to discuss a lot of beginners are concerned about a problem: PCB design software so much, in the end should learn whICh PCB design software.

At present, there are three major mainstream PCB design software.

1. Altium designer for short AD. Can be said to be an upgraded version of PROTEL. 2, PADS3, CADence allegro

In addition to these three software, there are many software, such as Cadstar, CR5000, PCAD,Mentor EE,Mentor WG,Mentor en, PADS Professional Edition and other software, and some of these software functions are very powerful, more powerful than the above three software. But the MARKet share is not high. Market share is not high, the significance of learning is not much, for a beginner, learn to estimate also difficult to find a job, no company use.

So let's focus on these three.

1. AD software analysis

AD (including PROTEL99) the market positioning of this software is some simple boards, such as single-chip microcomputer class, SIMple industrial class, some relatively simple boards, with this software more. It is relatively low-end product design. Most of them are simple boards. Most of the companies that use the software are relatively simple. It's usually a multilayer board. In the Chinese market, mainland cities use more, developed cities use less. But this software, in the mainland cities use a high share. In my opinion, the main reason why this software is so popular in mainland cities is that it is well promoted in schools, because every student majoring in electronics or mechanical and electrical engineering is taught or required to learn it in schools. So of the engineers who are still using this software, I'm sure that more than 80% of them used it in school and then continued to use it in society. Therefore, it can be said that if this software does not have the market of Chinese college students, this software should be very rare in the Chinese market.

2, PADS software analysis

The predecessor of PADS is power PCB, this software interface menu is very few, easy to get started. It is estimated that this point can be recognized by the market. In particular, the market share of consumer electronics products is very high. In the early stage, it can be said that the consumer products are almost monopolistic. For example, from the early VCD,DVD,MP3,MP4, U disk, LCD TV, to the present tablet computer, dashCAM, car electronic products, navigation devices, digital set-top box. Android SMArt TV boxes, mobile phones, etc. are absolute market share. Especially mobile phone PCB design, PADS software almost monopolistic advantage. In the whole consumer electronics, PADS almost account for the majority. Especially in the previous years, the market share is absolutely high. In recent years, because of the slow rise of allegro software, PADS share felt a trend of decline. But at present in the coastal developed cities, PADS still occupy the mainstream market, especially in Shenzhen most companies still use PADS, followed by allegro.

PCB design

3. allegro software analysis

Cadence allegro this software has the advantage of powerful function, the disadvantage is difficult to learn, not easy to use. So this software 10 years ago or 78 years ago, the market share is still relatively low, generally only large companies, especially for computer motherboard companies, because this software is powerful, drawing large boards have advantages. Such as computer motherboard, large industrial board, server motherboard, such as large board, his efficiency and advantages are very obvious. So his market is mainly in the computer motherboard, large industrial control board, server motherboard, these large boards, and now some tablet computers, mobile phone board will also have a small number of companies. With big companies. In the long run, allegro has a great market prOSPect.

To draw simple boards, learn AD. If you want to paint consumer electronics, learn PADS. If you want to draw large boards, follow allegro.

Wages, with different software, drawing different boards, wages are very far apart. This specific or depends on what you draw board to determine. Now let's discuss the current employment problem and positioning: employment, which is the concern of every person who wants to enter this industry, that is to say, after I learn this PCB design software. Can you get a job? If you can't get a job, it's a waste of time. At present, the division of labor of these software in Chinese cities is still divided into regions. For example, most mainland cities have a high share of AD (PROTEL).

1, if you want to work in mainland cities, draw some simple multilayer board, then I suggest you learn AD software, mainland cities with this software to find a job is relatively easy, but because the company board with this software is generally relatively simple, so the salary is generally not high.

2. If you want to draw such consumer products in coastal cities, it is recommended to learn PADS. This software is easy to use, and many companies use it.

3. If you want to draw large product boards, it is recommended to learn allegro. This software has a high market share at present, especially in the large board inside an absolute advantage.

4, learning PCB design, most people are for work, after learning, can find a good job, this is everyone's expectation. So if you want to learn which design software, you should position yourself well. Which city you want to work in and what kind of products you want to design are all influencing factors.

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