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PCB Design
What skills need to be learned to make PCB layout and how to speed up PCB routing
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What skills need to be learned to make PCB layout and how to speed up PCB routing

What skills need to be learned to make PCB layout and how to speed up PCB routing

I'm new to PCB layout, and I'm not sure what kind of ability I need to have as a layout, and whether I need to have a strong electronIC foundation.

Looking at the schematic diagram, I don't know what those components are, what they are used for, and what the model packaging is. Are these the most basic requirements? In PCB, it is difficult to recognize what is a thing? In this fog, how can I get out? What do I need to learn more?

We should know the purpose of each component. We should know the characteristics of the signal. We should know the overall analysis method of the module circuit. There are too many methods!

PCB boards

Faster, less down-to-earth foundation must be solid

Draw the package first. At least you should understand the drawings. The three views of the drawing should show the general appearance of the device. Good hardware knowLEDge of board drawing also needs to be a little bit. It doesn't need to be more refined, but probably also needs to be understood. There is also PCB technology, such as understanding the PCB manufacturing process.

Tools are necessary, and then there must be a certain circuit foundation. A good LAYOUT engineer should also be able to debug PCB boards, so that he can know how to make better boards, how to make the least interference, and how to make the most suitable for production

Methods to speed up PCB wiring

My wiring speed is very slow, and I have some obsessive-compulsive disorder. I often go to adjust the line when the line can't get out, and then move some irrelevant signals that have already been arranged to the point of adjustment. So I have been in the state of repairing the line, often wasting a lot of time. How can experts improve cabling speed? It has been more than a year since I made layout.

Practice more

Before wiring, roughly figure out how to route, and plan a rough routing channel for each part of the line. Don't start painting blindly, because it is easy to repair lines frequently.

I usually route by module, and route more modules first. Then deal with SIMple ones. In the process of routing, it also depends on whether it can be changed by changing the location of the schematic diagram to better route.

I also have obsessive-compulsive disorder~~~I have to repair the corners of SHAPE. I will make great efforts to move VIA and even components to remove SMAll breaks in wiring. But I will plan the layout first. When wiring, first walk in your heart and then start.

Route according to the module, first figure out how to route, finish one module at a time and then do the next group. The Circuit board assembly and circuit board processing manufacturers explain what skills need to be learned to make circuit board layout and how to speed up PCB wiring.

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