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Distinguish PCB quality from PCB color
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Distinguish PCB quality from PCB color

Distinguish PCB quality from PCB color
Buyers of printed circuit boards are always confused about the color of goods. Printed circuit boards do not know what color is. The board of directors of printed circuit boards is the best quality Today's kingford Epic circuit will explain how printed circuit boards affect their performance
First, as a printed circuit board, the printed circuit board mainly provides the interconnection between electronic components Color is not directly related to efficiency, and the difference of pigments will not affect electrical efficiency Boards is determined by the material used (high Q value), wiring design and multilayer boards However, in the cleaning process of printed circuit boards, black is the most likely to cause discoloration If there is a slight difference between the raw materials used in PCB factories and processes, this will lead to an increase in the poverty rate of PCB This directly leads to increased production costs
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In fact, the raw materials of printed circuit board are ubiquitous in our daily life. They are glass fiber and resin. The combination and hardening of glass fiber and resin produce a heat-resistant, insulating and non bendable board, that is, a printed circuit board substrate. Of course, the printed circuit board substrate made of glass fiber and resin alone cannot transmit signals. On the printed circuit board substrate, the manufacturer covers the surface with a layer of copper. This printed circuit board substrate can also be called copper clad substrate.
Because the circuit wiring of the black printed circuit board is difficult to identify, it will be more difficult to maintain and debug during the R&D process; D and after-sales stage. Generally speaking, without a strong R&D designer brand and a strong maintenance team, black PCB will not be easy to use. It can be said that the use of black PCB is a brand's confidence in the R&D design and post maintenance team. From the side, it also reflects the manufacturer's confidence in its own strength.
For these reasons, major manufacturers will carefully consider when selecting PCB designs for their products. Recall that a large number of products shipped in the market in that year mostly used red printed circuit boards, green printed circuit boards or blue printed circuit boards. Black printed circuit boards can only be seen in high-end or top flagship products. This customer should no longer think that black printed circuit boards are superior to green printed circuit boards.

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