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Relationship between PCB board reading and chip decryption
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Relationship between PCB board reading and chip decryption

Relationship between PCB board reading and chip decryption

PCB copying and chip decryption are two main branches of reverse engineering. One is the reverse research of printed circuit board and the other is the reverse research of chip. Apart from the same direction, the terms seem to have little relationship. In fact, the circuit board can be said to be the supporting body of the chip and the provider of the electrical connection of the chip, while the chip is the core component of the electronic product, which undertakes the functions of computing and storage. Without the chip, the PCB is useless except for being a "board". Therefore, in a successful case of board reading, PCB board reading and chip decryption should be "two in one" and "core to core printing".

Concept of PCB board reading and chip decryption

PCB copying is a reverse research technology, which is to obtain the PCB design circuit of an excellent electronic product through a series of reverse research technologies, as well as the circuit schematic diagram and BOM, that is, to understand and discuss the analysis, design ideas, structural characteristics, process technology, etc. of the existing product technical documents, which can be used for reference in the research and development of new products.

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Chip decryption is a new kind of reverse engineering. With the help of special equipment or self-made equipment, MCU attackers can extract key information from the chip and obtain the program in the chip through various technical means by using the loopholes or software defects in the chip design; It is easy to understand that it refers to the technology, structural principle and manufacturing process used to research chips and crack them.

Chip decryption is mainly applied to PCB board reading. In addition to chip decryption, PCB board reading also includes such technical concepts as copying and cloning of PCB, reverse inference of PCB schematic diagram, BOM list production, PCB design, etc. Therefore, it can be said that PCB reading and chip decryption are included and included. Microcontroller decryption can lead us to interpret the "soul" of electronic products - chip. If a PCB board is missing a chip, it is like a fish leaving water. Many inferior copycats caused by PCB copying are due to the lack of original chips or the failure to master the essence of the chips after decryption, resulting in a far cry from the original product functions.

Differences between PCB board reading and chip decryption

First, the factors that determine success are different. Generally speaking, PCB copy is determined by technical strength, which can immediately determine whether it can be cloned, while difficult IC decryption is determined by the time when attackers find vulnerabilities in chip design or software defects; Second, there are obvious differences in technical levels. Both can innovate, but chip decryption can only be modified through program disassembly or IC reverse design. What is improved is the internal functional characteristics of electronic products. PCB copy can not only improve internal functions by modifying circuit schematic diagram, but also make personalized appearance through prototype.

PCB manufacturing, PCB design and PCBA processing manufacturers explain the relationship between PCB copying and chip decryption.

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