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Category comparison of PCB design software explained by PCB manufacturers
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Category comparison of PCB design software explained by PCB manufacturers

Category comparison of PCB design software explained by PCB manufacturers

1. Protel is undoubtedly the first eda software to contact with. In most universities, protel software courses are available, but we have to admit that protel is indeed one of the lowest end software in the eda software family. It is easy to make single panel and two-layer boards, but the fourth layer began to feel that it was not easy to use, let alone more layers. If faced with high-frequency and high-speed multilayer boards, People who can make high-quality boards with protel are quite good:)

It is hard to say whether protel will be eliminated in the future. There is still a considerable market for people using protel. Learning PROTEL is the basis for learning high-end PCB software.

2. Pads are powerpcb. I call them the king of the low end. They are the best pcb software among all low-end pcb software. They are easy to use, easy to use, and the quality of boards produced is no inferior to that of wg, Allegro, etc. At present, the most widely used eda software in the market is suitable for the needs of most small and medium-sized enterprises.

3. The pcb of orcad or cad is even worse than protel, but the schematic design part of orcad, capture CIS, is regarded as one of the best schematic tools in the industry. It has a beautiful interface, is easy to use, is easy to operate, and has powerful simulation functions. Compared with dx designer, I think it is superior in terms of use, but dx has very good management functions, integrated environment, schematic reuse and other functions.


4. The latest product of wg mentor company, WG2005, is based on the windows platform. In the case that there is no great difference in the functions of several high-end software, only the software with cool cables is a good software. WG2005 is the most cool software with the best cables, known as the king of cables. Its automatic wiring function is very powerful, and the wiring rule design is very professional. expeditionPCB is the core part of WG's pcb. WG2005 includes DX, DC, DV, LIB, EXP and other parts.

5. En is also a product of mentor company. The latest EN2004 is a product based on unix platform, and there is no Chinese teaching material on the market. It is difficult to learn software, which makes many people flinch; Its professional level determines that it is not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small enterprises. Because there is no such need, why should a fire that can be extinguished by a bowl of water climb a mountain and travel a long way to a farther river to get it, right? Besides, this software is originally designed for large enterprises, so friends who do not need this need do not have to bother. If the work needs it, let alone. The schematic diagram is epd2004. Basically, Its most important is the integrated management system.

6. The actual industrial standard in Allegro high-speed board design!

Learn protel99se. There are lots of cracking software, books, materials and people to teach you. The disadvantage is that its copper coating function is too retarded, and the automatic wiring is too retarded to be a big board. Of course, protel99se is the simplest and the fastest way to start.

The power PCB is also OK. It is a little more advanced than protel and can handle most high-speed boards.

Allegro and mentor are specialized in making big boards, because they have strict rules and powerful functions, but they are difficult to use. It takes more than 100 meters to crack the version.

Allegro is that the color is monotonous, and I'm not used to it at first. However, its functions such as automatic wiring, repairing, winding equal length, differential wiring, multi wire parallel wiring, and copper skin repairing are very comfortable to use.

mentor is transformed from graphic design software, with rich colors and powerful routing function. It is said that its routing function is the most powerful of these eda software.

Mentor and power pcb are products of the same company. Japan likes to use mentor most because it is their own software.

Allegro and orcad are candence products, and many of them are used abroad. The schematic diagram drawn with orcad conforms to international standards and can be compatible with all eda software.

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