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PCB Design
Effective design response to the increasing complexity of PCB design
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Effective design response to the increasing complexity of PCB design

Recently, some PCB companies have integrated their PCB design solutions and released a new version of Xpedition VX, which has been re structured and innovated in ease of use, automation, data management and other aspects, aiming to solve the increasingly complex PCB design, and respond to the design effectiveness, cost and quality, production and design. New platforms include NPI solutions that enable seamless docking of PCB design and manufacturing, and Xpedition Path Finder suite for efficient IC/packaging/PCB design optimization.

The New Product Import (NPI) solution is the first integrated and automated PCB design, manufacturing and assembly process in the industry. It can help design level and product level NPI engineers prepare and verify product models according to the manufacturer's rule set in the engineer's original design tool, and can ensure excellent producible design without special manufacturing knowledge or experience. Process level NPI engineers can evaluate and create process toolkits without manually entering data, and manufacturers will get "right first time" design to avoid production errors. This action eliminates the distance between designers and manufacturers. Manufacturers can create and adjust rules according to manufacturing requirements, while designers only need to comply with these manufacturing requirements, so as to achieve a process truly based on two-way, consistent and the same set of rules, which can greatly reduce design revisions, improve the overall quality of products, and shorten the product delivery cycle.

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NPI process solution first defines and verifies the final PCB product model, and then provides the product model through three stages: defining the manufacturing process, preparing workshop jigs and preparing work instructions. Therefore, it is a real solution that integrates PCB design and manufacturing from beginning to end. Lean NPI process adopts ODB++v8 open standard to intelligently transmit data from design to manufacturing.

Another newly developed Xpedition Path Finder product suite addresses today's system design complexity. The suite supports the use of layout data from IC and circuit board design teams to guide and automate IC packaging selection and optimization. It provides designers with the ability to assemble and optimize complex electronic systems, thereby improving design, enhancing chip performance, and improving cost efficiency.

Aiming at the increasing complexity of System on Chip (SoC) and the growth of multi chip packaging, the Xpedation Path Finder suite provides an industry-leading new path finding method, which can automatically plan and optimize chip connectivity through multiple packaging variables, and also targets on multiple different PCB platforms. Using a multi-mode connectivity environment, designers can capture and manage connectivity based on priority. Path Finder can also simplify and automate the library development process, so that work that takes days can be completed in just a few minutes.

It is reported that this new version of Xpedition VX will pay more attention to the construction of the process rather than simply emphasizing the use of a single tool. The new platform integrates the advantages of many tools of the original Xpedition platform, and will focus on optimizing wiring efficiency, multi version system design, efficient FPGA/PCB joint design, system level heat dissipation verification, and optimizing system performance through electrical acceptance

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