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Complete assembly of PCBA processing electronic products
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Complete assembly of PCBA processing electronic products

Summary of key points of assembly process for PCBA processing electronic products

1. The whole assembly of electronic products refers to the process of assembling and connecting various electronic components, assemblies, electromechanical components and structural parts that make up the whole machine at the specified positions according to the design requirements to form a complete electronic product with certain functions.

2. The overall assembly level of electronic products is divided into component level, plug-in level and system level assembly. Assembly methods include functional method, component method and functional component method.

3. The assembly process of electronic products includes manual assembly process and automatic assembly process. Manual assembly mode includes independent assembly by workers and manual assembly by assembly line. The assembly line has two forms: free beat and forced beat. Automatic assembly has certain process requirements for components. Standardized components and dimensions should be used. The shape and dimensions of the components to be assembled should be as simple and consistent as possible.

4. Complete assembly of electronic products includes two major steps: electrical assembly and structural installation. The overall assembly process of electronic products generally includes: matching preparation of parts and components → assembly and connection of parts and components → commissioning of the whole machine → general assembly inspection → packaging → warehousing or delivery.

5. In addition to welding, there are also crimping, winding, bonding, threaded connection and other connection methods during the assembly of the electronic complete machine. Most of the installation can not be separated from the fastening of screws, and some parts only need simple plugging. Some of these connections are removable and some are non removable.


6. The whole machine installation of electronic products refers to the assembly of the whole machine on the basis of the qualified installation inspection of all parts and components, which is usually called final assembly. At present, most of them adopt the flow process method. The general assembly sequence of the electronic complete machine is light before heavy, small before large, riveting before installation, inside before outside, low before high, fragile before installation, and the previous process does not affect the installation of the next process.

7. The inspection of electronic products includes inspection before warehousing and inspection during production. Strictly implement the "three inspection" principle of self inspection, mutual inspection and full-time inspection. The overall quality inspection includes appearance inspection, correctness inspection of assembly, safety inspection and type test.

8. Full time inspection of complete machine products includes full inspection and sampling inspection. Full time inspection of the whole machine mainly includes visual inspection, functional inspection and main performance index test. Routine test includes environmental test and life test.

9. On the one hand, packaging plays a role in protecting electronic products, on the other hand, it plays a role in promoting products and enterprises. Packaging requirements for electronic products include requirements for electronic products, protection requirements for electronic products, and packaging requirements for electronic products.

10. The technical measures for electronic product packaging include shockproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-static and heat proof. The technical materials for packaging process include corrugated boxes, wooden boxes, cardboard packaging boxes, buffer materials (plastic foam, bubble film, corrugated paper, etc.), moisture-proof materials, anti-static and heat proof materials.

The above is the summary of the key points of PCB design and PCB manufacturer's explanation of the whole assembly process of PCBA processing electronic products.

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