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PCBA processing plant production efficiency improvement
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PCBA processing plant production efficiency improvement

Shenzhen pcb factory explains 10 magic weapons for PCBA factory to improve production efficiency

Production efficiency is one of the fundamental factors that PCBA processing plants rely on for survival. Production efficiency, together with quality, cost, delivery date, safety and morale, is called the six major tasks of production management. Therefore, the improvement of production efficiency is one of the topics that every PCBA processing plant manager needs to study. How to conduct production efficiency management? KingFord pcb Electronics is here to share with you 10 magic weapons to improve productivity.

First of all, before trying to find ways to improve productivity, we should know what factors affect low productivity.

Common factors affecting production efficiency:

1. The sales department didn't place the order in time

2. The order only has delivery date, and the processing start date is not set

3. There are too many emergency orders or temporary orders, and the production plan changes frequently

4. The machine and mold in the production workshop are faulty, and the maintenance time is long

5. The quality of the production process is unstable, and rework or repair occurs frequently

6. The production department did not conduct a complete capacity analysis

7. The purchase of materials is often delayed, and the purchase quality is often poor

8. The purchase material plan cannot be synchronized with the production plan

9. No outsourcing processing schedule

10. Frequent changes in product technology

PCBA factory

Based on the above factors, the scheme is summarized as follows:


Basic skills required for a sound production and operation system

Ensure efficiency by stabilizing the position

If the root is not firm, why should it sprout, blossom and bear fruit; Good trees come from healthy roots. It is to understand the foundation of production operation management - basic management.

Use 5S technique and optimize production and operation process to find solutions.

The key is: no matter the manufacturing process or process, make them transparent, visual, standardized and stable, and then it will be easy to manage.


Know yourself and your enemy, have clear goals, and improve efficiency

It is better to ask for help than others.

The so-called waste on the production site refers to various factors that reduce production efficiency.

Through the action plan, on-site diagnosis and the use of seven wastes to determine the real reason for the efficiency loss of production and operation management.

The seven major wastes are: 1. waiting waste, 2. handling waste, 3. defective waste, 4. action waste, 5. processing waste, 6. inventory waste, 7. excessive production waste.


How to use on-site rapid improvement techniques

Conduct source flow management to improve efficiency

Efficiency is life, time is money. In the fierce market competition, if an enterprise wants to remain invincible, the key lies in "fast" and "new". Find methods and processes to improve production efficiency, and quickly track problems.

On site rapid improvement methods:

1. Four ideas for IE rapid improvement: elimination, cancellation, rearrangement or replacement, and simplification

2. The source and stream management shall be carried out according to the "five five" method. 5W2H。


Make the plan fully demonstrated

Reduce planned losses and improve efficiency

The process of planning is actually a process of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, and a process of reform and innovation; Only by fully demonstrating the possible situations can we prevent them before they occur.

The plan is the key to connect the team, the plan is the promise to achieve the goal, the plan is the tool for communication, and the plan is the guarantee to achieve success.

Through production and marketing meetings: ensure close cooperation between production and sales, constantly improve product quality and production capacity, and obtain maximum benefits with the most reasonable production efficiency.


Use a reasonable procurement mechanism to ensure that both parties

Coexistence and Co prosperity Consciousness to Improve Production Efficiency

Modern win-win mode: assist suppliers to reduce costs, improve quality and accelerate product development; Establish mutual trust relationship, jointly improve efficiency, and establish long-term partnership with suppliers.

1、 Different suppliers shall be assessed and graded on the premise of establishing a useful evaluation mechanism and purchasing by comparison.

2、 Incentives


How to show fast and new material and production schedule control

Avoid waiting for waste and improve efficiency

After receiving the order, the Production Management Department shall mobilize all personnel to complete the plan. The plan shall not be changed, and all relevant departments shall actively cooperate with each other, actively respond to the work progress with other units, and jointly complete all plans.

Production control operation:

1、 The management personnel actively participate in the material follow-up and check regularly

2、 Reasonable Application of Material Picking and Issuing in Warehouse Management III. Quick Line Change


How to use performance indicator improvement method

To assess the enterprise's physique and improve production efficiency

The lean method is adopted to shorten the delivery time and reduce waste, so as to improve the quality, output and efficiency.

It is necessary to constantly analyze the reasons why the production efficiency target cannot be achieved?


1. DTD (accounting of the time from the arrival of raw materials to the delivery of products)

2. First pass rate 3. Comprehensive efficiency of equipment 4. Compliance rate of production schedule


How to implement the leadership policy through department management performance

Improve production efficiency and effectively achieve business benefits

As an enterprise management cadre, he should be aware that he is the owner of the enterprise. We should pay close attention to the development of the enterprise and be willing to protect it.

Through the actual performance of department management, implement the leadership policy and effectively achieve the business effect: daily key item management is to give full play to the strength of the department/workshop and produce good performance; In case of any abnormality, it can also be found and handled effectively, and the maintenance management is indeed well done.


Use reasonable production and operation performance

Improve efficiency by encouraging morale

The biggest goal of enterprise management is to make money and seek benefits from management. In today's society, we must constantly adapt to development and change, move for the benefit of others, and stay competitive; Otherwise, management will be out of touch with the market, and no matter how good the system is, it will not achieve ideal economic benefits.

Rationalization of incentive system:

1. Performance bonus

2. Performance indicators


Flexible use of the law of rapid changes in production and operation

Let enterprises improve production efficiency

Plan is not as fast as change? On the contrary, we cannot cope with changes without plans. In fact, what we mean here is how to adapt to rapid changes in the environment.

It is the most important condition for timely response to changes in the situation, rapid modification of plans, rapid and accurate communication, and flexibility in preparation and modification of production plans.

By shortening the construction period and reducing the retention of WIP.

Difficulties are the ladder of success, and the process of success is reasonable, reasonable and reasonable.

The above are the top 10 magic weapons for Kingsford PCB manufacturers to share with you to improve production efficiency.

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