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PCB transfer mechanism and bearing organization
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PCB transfer mechanism and bearing organization

Automatic LED placement machine is controlled by computer, set optoelectronic gas as one of the high-precision automation equipment, by the frame, PCB transmissionmechanism and bearing organization, drive and servo positioning system, mounting head, feeder, optical identification system, sensor and computer control system, through some functions such as suction - displacement - positioning - placement. The SMD was quickly and accurately mounted on the PCB board.

1.5 The difference between LED mounter and traditional mounter

LED mounter mainly needs to meet the lamp bead mounting accuracy requirements of 3014, 2835, 3528 and 5050, 5630 and 5730. Compared with the processing accuracy of the traditional mounter, the requirements of the LED mounter are relatively low. However, the LED placement machine pays more attention to performance, that is, the stability, speed, operability and size requirements of the machine operation, so the LED placement machine must have the following design ideas and mandatory requirements.


1) Intelligent means are more mature in the application of LED special mounter, all kinds of sensors with excellent performance can fully collect data for computer disposal during the implementation of the operation, to ensure the stability and reliability of the entire mounting process. At the same time and other equipment should be based on scientific methods and technical specifications, regular maintenance of the LED chip machine, such as cleaning of the surface of the machine and circuit board, can effectively prevent the internal heat dissipation of the machine caused by dust and scale, resulting in overheating and burning the device. LED mounter has good stability in order to maximize efficiency for the enterprise to produce benefits and reduce production costs.

2) The speed of the LED placement machine must be fast, the minimum installation speed of 18 000 points /h or more.

3) With a simple and easy to learn humanized operation method can greatly shorten the training time of personnel, and effectively reduce misoperation in the production process, improve production efficiency and product quality.

4) The LED placement machine can mount a minimum of 1 200 mm length of PCB, because a large part of the LED is to replace the traditional light tube lighting, so the length will greatly exceed the traditional PCB size. In addition to these, in order to ensure that a single LED lamp board without color difference, the whole batch of LED lamp beads to be affixed are required to be the same color temperature BIN(BIN generally represents the range of some parameters of LED lamp beads, different ranges can be expressed with different numbers, these parameters include voltage, color temperature, brightness, etc.). Therefore, there will be such statements as voltage BIN, color temperature BIN, brightness BIN, and BIN can be used to represent the model of the product.

1.6 Development status of domestic LED placement machine technology

As the huge market potential of the fourth generation light source, coupled with the strong support of government policies, the domestic LED lighting industry is almost leapfrog development. From the early hot LED display, to the current transition to LED commercial lighting, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, lighting engineering, etc., LED products have realized the transition from a single hot product to the application and popularity of LED in the whole field.

The development of LED LED related equipment industry is hot, reflow welding, wave soldering, printing press, LED placement machine, LED packaging equipment development momentum. At present, most of the domestic LED equipment is a small mounter that can mount the 1.2m light board, basically using a platform motion structure, combined with a double swing arm movement mode, to achieve LED mounting. The track type LED placement machine is relatively few in China. This is also the next step, a direction for many companies to develop.

At present, the domestic LED chip technology is still in an initial stage. The products developed can only meet the early needs of some small and medium-sized enterprises. China is an electronic manufacturing country, the need for different grades of domestic LED placement machine. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the model according to the actual situation, reduce the difficulty of the development of domestic LED mounter, and quickly enter the electronic equipment industry.

Second, the most critical technology of LED placement machine

2.1 Precision machine photoelectric integration technology

In the operation process of the LED mounter, the embodiment of this technology: the mounter picks the components from the feeder through precise mechanical movement and installs the components on the PCB board accurately and quickly after the calibration mechanism.

2.2 Visual Technology

Adopting non-stop fast shooting positioning technology, optical image capture positioning and flight alignment are realized.

2.3 Magnetic levitation Technology

The motion control technology can solve the application of magnetic levitation linear motor drive with high speed and chip precision, and improve the shortcomings of low speed and loud noise of the original servo rotary motor screw screws. Linear motor is the application of magnetic suspension technology, no friction when moving, no resistance, high speed, long service life.

2.4 Efficient and intelligent software technology

With the increasingly complex and diversified structure of the mounting machine, the importance of the mounting machine software technology has been reflected more and more. Efficient real-time multi-task parallel processing operating system, intelligent mounting program optimization, automatic diagnosis technology will certainly greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality.

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