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Smart speaker PCBA solution
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Smart speaker PCBA solution

Smart speaker PCBA:

Smart speaker PCBA is basically composed of speaker, frequency divider, box three parts. Smart speakers are the product of speaker upgrades. It is a tool for accessing the Internet via voice, such as on-demand songs and surfing the Internet. Shopping, or knowing the weather forecast, it can also control smart home devices, such as opening the curtains, setting the temperature of the refrigerator, and preheating the water heater.

Smart speaker performance indicators:

Power: Generally measured by W or VA, a common one is the nominal power [rated power, undistorted power] refers to the maximum input power in the case that the nonlinear distortion does not exceed the standard range of the speaker. He is the normal working power of the sound box, long time continuous work will not be damaged.

Sensitivity: defined as the sound pressure generated one meter from the reference point when a pink noise voltage of 1 watt is applied to the speaker. Expressed in decibels [db]. The higher the sensitivity of the speaker, the louder the sound at the same drive power, which is very important when using a low-power amplifier.

Impedance: refers to the pure resistance presented by the speaker when the audio signal is added to the speaker input. Euro 4 and Euro 8 are common, and there are also euro 3 and euro 5 systems abroad. When used, pay attention to match the output impedance of power amplifier. Especially the amplifier and speaker impedance matching is particularly important.


Technical features:

1. Supports dual input of U-segment wireless microphone and 3.5mm wired microphone;

2. Support wireless remote control debugging: a variety of microphone sound effects and reverberation +/-, balance +/-, microphone volume and listening volume +/-, a variety of live hot spot effects, microphone mute and speaker mute and other practical functions;

3. Support Line in input and wireless Bluetooth accompaniment dual input;

4, built-in 5000mAh large capacity battery, speaker endurance is strong;

5. Support two live streaming mobile phones to start live streaming at the same time;

6, carefully adjusted 4 inch 15W full frequency horn.

Highlights of the program:

1. Adopt the latest self-developed chip, with higher integration, more optimized audio algorithm and stronger operability

2. High performance external ADC/DAC chip is used for signal conversion, so that the sound is more fidelity

3. Perfect combination of on-site debugging function, wireless microphone, wireless remote control, wireless Bluetooth and speaker

HDI PCBS in various applications

HDI PCBS are commonly used in avionics, military and aerospace applications where reliability is critical. A typical aircraft requires hundreds of microcircuits, sensors and other electronic components that need to be connected with hundreds of wires. Conventional schemes require all of these wires to be welded directly on top of each other, which often leads to problems: the interconnections between devices can break over time due to vibration or thermal stress; Wires can become loose due to vibrations during flight, or cracks can develop between different layers of the board due to thermal expansion issues.

Final thoughts

There are many factors to consider when using HDI technology to design PCB. It's not as simple as picking from a few standard sizes - there are new design considerations and materials to apply, as well as a slightly different welding process than you're used to. But if HDI pcb technology does appeal to you because of benefits such as reduced costs and improved design flexibility, we hope we can get you to the basics of what you need to prepare for the process. If you want to learn more about HDI PCBS, please check out Taofang's PCB Design Guide. Taofang Electronics PCB Prototyping guide can meet your rapid prototyping and PCB design requirements.

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.