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MES system realizes SMT loading error prevention
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MES system realizes SMT loading error prevention

MES system realizes SMT loading error prevention
When the SMT equipment has been instalLED, the operator needs to place the feeder on the correct feeder, and then place the feeder at the appropriate SMT equipment railway station In this process, wrong information or wrong feeder are often used Since SMT equipment runs continuously at high speed, if this error cannot be avoided in advance, it will cause rework or scrapping, causing huge losses to the enterprise To avoid this, the best way is to wait while feeding Correspondence between feeding trays, feeder used, and compare the station to be fed with the feeding station table
In order to achieve the purpose of comparison, the basIC data of the material station table needs to be established in the MES system first. A complete material station table data basically includes product code [or work order code], material code, feeder specification, production thread code, equipment number, and station number. For dual panel, it also includes board information [A/B]. For dual panel, it also has a table number. The data of the data station table is usually maintained by the craftSMAn and input into the computer connected to the SMT equipment in advance. Before comparing the data, just import the information from the computer of SMT equipment to the MES system.
Speaking of this, you can consider another question, that is, what should we do if the data in the station table itself is wrong?


In the electronic assembly industry, a product consists of hundreds of Electronic devices, which have many alternative or specified information In order to reduce costs, the remaining data in the inventory can be used to the maximum extent Changing the data for natural use requires frequent changes to the data station table In view of this situation, it is necessary to minimize the possibility of data errors in the data station table There are usually two ways to achieve this goal: first, after changing the material station table, the system forces the user to include the product station table. Compare the data of the current work order with the data delivery order of the current work order Only when the comparison results are consistent or the user identifies a difference, can the material station table be used continuously; Second, the material station table data entered enters the MES system consists of two It is composed of parts, one part is the independent BOM of the work order (including data code, symbol number), and the other part is the process BOM data prepared by the craftsman The process BOM data does not contain specific material information. Only each symbol gives the corresponding symbol location and feeder specification information SMT equipment The process BOM data of each model is basically fixed The only change is the work order component BOM data, and the work order component BOM data is usually generated and adjusted in the ERP system, so the possibility of error is very small
Once the material station table data is obtained, you need to consider how to implement error prevention during the loading scan. To put it SIMply, loading error prevention means that the system compares the material labels, feeder labels, and station labels scanned by the user during loading to see if they match the data in the material station table. If they do not match, the system gives clear warning information to check. And the purpose of the warning. The seEMIngly simple loading operation of SMT has its own complexity. A complete and practical SMT loading error proofing system should at least provide the following functions: First, in the entire production process of the SMT workshop, loading scanning can be classified into four business types: loading, refueling/receiving, unloading, and QC sampling comparison. The loading error prevention system must first provide the system functions that meet these types of business, with special consideration given to the user's operating habits., Minimize the complexity of user operations; Secondly, many electronic products produced by customers involve single-sided, double-sided and mixed panels containing multiple products. The error proofing system must be able to support various complex product structures and keep coordination with customers' business habits to the greatest extent; Third, the loading error prevention system needs to collect various label information scanned by the operator, and then compare the data of the material station table. The system must consider how to prevent the loss of the operator, so that the system can truly play its role, while minimizing the complexity of the system operation and reducing the resistance of front-line personnel to the system.
There are many types of hardware available for SMT loading The equipment with relatively less investment only includes offline inventory machines. Download the material station table data to the counting machine, and then develop a simple comparison program to achieve simple comparison functions. This equipment is more suitable for customers with simple business and single functional requirements; Secondly, a combination of wireless scanner+PC can be used The investment cost of this equipment combination is low, and error proofing software is loaded to run on the PC, which can realize various complex applications and is easy to expand functions The disadvantage is that the scanning collection location may be far away from the computer, and the interactivity is not very good; If the customer has high requirements in all aspects, you can also consider using WinCE platform PDA equipment can be used to solve the interaction problem. It does not occupy production line space and is easy to arrange The disadvantage is that software development costs are high and equipment investment is also high

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