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Is SMT processing fee the standard for electronic inspection?
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Is SMT processing fee the standard for electronic inspection?

Is SMT processing fee the standard for electronic inspection?
With the progress of the times, electronic products have replaced traditional non electronic products and become indispensable everywhere This also promotes the electronic products behind surface mount technology to develop at an amazing speed to meet people's growing needs Having said that, then I must analyze a problem that most people in the SMT industry are most concerned about: Is the SMT processing cost the standard for testing electronic processing plants?
Let's divide the problem into several parts. The technical term is to carefully analyze the problem This problem can be divided into main "SMT", "SMT process", "SMT processing cost" and "standard"
SMT: The full English name is SMT, and the Chinese meaning is SMT. I want to know this point when I read this article. I won't explain it more.
SMT processing: also known as surface mount technology processing technology, which is the essence of the work of electronic processing plants. In layman's terms, all SMT processing plants rely on this process.


SMT processing fee: Because circuit board factories rely on SMT processing technology to support their families, they must set a price for their own process in order to contact with the outside world. This is why the term "SMT processing fee" naturally appears.
Standard: This word is easy to say, it is the standard to measure things.
In short, is SMT processing fee the standard for testing electronic processing plants? We analyzed the theme of this issue in depth. Next, I will answer this question well. Of course, these are my personal views and opinions.
In my opinion, SMT processing fee is not the standard for checking electronic processing plants, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
The SMT processing cost is based on their own thinking Based on this, we should know that this is not a standard After all, different ideas
SMT processing costs are low. This may be because the manufacturing cost of the circuit board factory is already very low, so low prices can bring benefits to them. But for customers, although they have reduced some costs for the company, the products they get are very low. Low cost and low quality, which will make the customer experience worse and cause greater losses. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, some factories just want to attract customers with low prices and produce high-quality products for them. The purpose is to build a good reputation for their factory. When their reputation or brand has been recognized by customers, SMT processing fees can be increased slowly to achieve greater benefits.
SMT processing fees are priced too high. This down-to-earth circuit board factory set its SMT processing cost at a certain high level. This must be because the circuit board factory has the following factors. Value of. Of course, there will be another manufacturer. They set a high SMT processing fee just to fight with customers. They obviously have no such value, but they cheat their customers and let them be cheated. Such manufacturers often can only develop new customers all the time, without regular customers at all. They just want to make enough money from customers at once, and then choose the next goal. For such manufacturers, I can only say a word tactfully, no left, no dead! Finally, their demise must be their own.
Having said so much, I found that I could not judge the SMT processing cost of the circuit board factory from the surface The sixth sense and guess are also unreliable If you want to find an honest electronic processing factory, the most direct way is to check the factory, and then determine the quality of the electronic processing factory
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