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Operation procedure flow of mounting machine ​
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Operation procedure flow of mounting machine ​

Operation procedure flow of mounting machine
SMT placement The machine is mainly used in the field of LED lights, electronic products, and display screens It has the characteristics of intelligent layout operation, more accurate identification and positioning, and more durable It is positioned by the function of absorbing displacement, etc, It will not damage the components and PCB, and SMC/SMD components can be quickly and accurately installed to the designated pad position on PCB The manufacturer of this SMT placement machine will share with you the complete SMT placement procedure here
Preparation before SMT mounting machine
1. Prepare relevant product process files.
2. According to the installation schedule of product process files, select data (PCB, components) and check them.
3. For the PCB that has been opened, clean and bake it according to the length of the opening time, whether it is wet or contaminated.


4. Check the parts after opening, and treat the wetted parts according to the management requirements. Surface mount the process components
5. Select the leaking feeder according to the specification and type of the component, and correctly install the component tape feeder. When loading -. This association must align the center of the part with the pick center of the feeder.
6. Equipment status check:
A. Check that the air pressure of the air compressor meets the equipment requirements, generally 6kgjf/cm2~7kgf/cm2.
b. Check that there are no obstacles around the guide rail, the moving range of the placement head, the automatic replacement nozzle magazine and the tray rack.
Startup process of chip mounter
1. Start the machine according to the Equipment Safety Technical Operating Procedures.
2. Check whether the air pressure of the mounter meets the equipment requirements, generally about 5kg/crri2.
3. Turn on the servo.
4. Return all the axes of the mounter to the source point.
5. Adjust the width of the FT1000A36 guide rail of the mounter according to the width of the PCB. The width of the guide rail should be about 1mm greater than the width of the PCB, and ensure that the PCB slides freely on the guide rail.
6. Set and install PCB positioning device:
1. First, set the PCB positioning method according to the operation rules. Generally speaking, there are two methods of pin positioning and edge positioning.
2. When using pin positioning, install and adjust the position of the positioning pin according to the position of the PCB positioning hole L. Make the positioning pin just in the middle of the PCB positioning hole, so that the PCB can move up and down freely.
3. If edge positioning is used, the position of stop and top block must be adjusted according to the overall dimensions of PCB.
7. Place the PCB support sleeve according to the PCB thickness and overall dimensions to ensure that the force on the PCB is uniform and will not loosen during wiring. If the PCB is installed on both sides, after installing the B (first) side, the position of the PCB support sleeve must be readjusted to ensure that when installing the a (second) side, the PCB support sleeve should avoid the components installed on the installed B side.
8. After setting, PCB can be installed for online programming or patch operation.
On line Program Design of SMT Machine
For products that have completed offline programming, product programs can be called directly. For products without CAD coordinate files, online programming can be used Online programming is the process of manually inputting pick up and placement programs on the placement machine Pickup programs are compiled and entered completely manually The placement program is to automatically calculate the center coordinate of the component (placement position) through the teaching camera and record it in the patch. Then optimize the program table manually
Fourth, install the feeder of the mounting machine
1. According to the picking program table prepared by offline programming or online programming, install various components on the material station of the mounter.
2. The feeder must be installed in place as required.
3. After installation, it must be checked by the inspector to ensure that it is correct before trial pasting and production.

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