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PCBA processing components and operation methods
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PCBA processing components and operation methods

PCBA processing components and operation methods
PCBA passes the SMT PCB on the blank panel, and then carries out the production process of DIP parts It will involve many sophisticated processes and some sensitive elements If the operation is not standardized, it will lead to process defects or components Damage, affecting product quality and new processing costs Therefore, in PCBA patch handling, the relevant operating procedures must be followed and the requirements must be strictly followed
PCBA patch handling rules:
1. No food or drink is allowed in the PCBA work area, no smoking is allowed, no sundries irrelevant to work are allowed to be placed, and the workbench should be kept clean and tidy.
2. The welding surface of PCBA patch cannot be grasped with bare hands or fingers, because the grease secreted by human hands will reduce the weldability and easily lead to welding defects.
3. Minimize the operation steps of PCBA and components to prevent danger. In the assembly area where gloves must be used, dirty gloves will cause pollution, and gloves must be replaced frequently when necessary.
4 Do not use skin protection oil to smear your hands or various silicon containing detergents, as they may cause problems with the solderability and adhesion of conformal coatings A specially formulated cleaner PCBA is available for welding surfaces


5. Components sensitive to EOS/ESD and PCBA must be marked with appropriate EOS/ESD marks to avoid confusion with other components. In addition, in order to prevent electrostatic discharge and EOS from endangering sensitive components, all operations, assembly and testing must be completed on a workbench capable of controlling static electricity.
6. Regularly check the EOS/ESD workbench to make sure it works normally (anti-static). Various hazards of EOS/ESD components may be caused by incorrect grounding methods or oxides in grounding connection components. The "3-wire" grounding terminal connector shall be specially protected.
7. Do not stack PCBA, otherwise physical damage will occur. There shall be various special supports on the assembly working surface, which shall be placed according to the type.
PCBA chip processing mainly includes two processes: PCB circuit board production and surface mount chip processing. Electronic components are inevitably used in the middle. Electronic components are the basic part of PCBA chip processing, and also affect the efficiency and quality of PCBA finished products. Key factors. What are the electronic components commonly used in PCBA chip processing? The following Jingbang science and technology personnel will introduce to you.
1. Resistance
Resistors are electronic components with resistance characteristics, and are one of the most widely used components in PCBA. Resistors are divided into fixed resistors and variable resistors (potentiometers), which play the role of voltage division, shunt and current limiting in the circuit.
2. Capacitor
Capacitor is also one of the basic components for PCBA processing. It is a component for storing electric energy, which plays the role of coupling, filtering, DC blocking and tuning in electronic circuits.
3. Inductive coil
Inductance coil is called inductance for short, which has the function of storing magnetic energy. Inductive coil is usually composed of bobbin, winding, shield, magnetic core, etc.
4. Potentiometer
The resistor whose resistance value can be changed, that is, the resistor that can be continuously adjusted within a specified range, is called a potentiometer. The potentiometer is composed of a housing, a sliding end, a rotating shaft, a ring resistor body and three leading out ends.
5. Transformer
The transformer is composed of iron core (or magnetic core) and coil. The coil has two or more windings. The windings connected to the power supply are called primary windings, and the remaining windings are called secondary windings.
A transformer is a device that converts voltage, current and impedance. When AC current passes through the primary coil, AC electromagnetic flux will be generated in the iron core (or magnetic core) to induce voltage (or current) in the secondary coil. Transformer is mainly used for AC voltage conversion, current conversion, power transmission, impedance conversion, buffer isolation, etc. It is one of the indispensable parts of PCBA motor.
6. Crystal diode
Crystal diode (transistor diode, hereinafter referred to as diode) is composed of PN junction, electrode lead and external sealing shell. It has single conductivity.
7. Transistor
Transistor (hereinafter referred to as triode) is the core device of signal amplification and processing, which is widely used in PCBA.
8. Field effect transistor
Field effect transistor (FET) is also a semiconductor device with PN junction. Unlike the triode, it does not use the conductive characteristics of the PN junction, but uses its insulation characteristics.
9. Electroacoustic device
The equipment used in the circuit to complete the conversion between electrical signals and sound signals is called electroacoustic equipment. It has many types, including speakers, microphones, headphones (or earplugs), microphones, receivers, etc.
10. Photoelectric device
Photoconductive devices using transistor photosensitivity, photovoltaic cells and transistor light-emitting devices using transistor photovoltaic effect are collectively referred to as optoelectronic devices.
11. Display device
The electronic display device refers to the photoelectric conversion device that converts electrical signals into optical signals, namely, the device used to display digits, symbols, characters or images. It is the key component of the electronic display device, which has a great impact on the effectiveness of the display device.
12. Sensor
The sensor can sense one or more devices, which are measured and converted into usable signals according to specific rules. It usually consists of sensing elements and conversion elements.
Surface mount components
PCBA surface mount components (SMC and SMD) are also called chip components or chip components, including resistors, capacitors, inductors and semiconductor devices, Small size, light weight, no lead or very short lead, high installation density, high reliability, good anti vibration performance, easy to realize automation, etc
14. Thyristor
SCR is the abbreviation of SCR rectifier element. It is a high-power semiconductor device with a four layer structure of three PN junctions, also known as thyristor. It has the characteristics of small volume, relatively simple structure and strong function. It is a more commonly used semiconductor device.
Switches, relays, various connectors
Switches are used to disconnect, connect, or switch circuits in electronic equipment. The relay is an automatic control device. When the input (electricity, magnetism, sound, light and heat) reaches a certain value, its output will jump.
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