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PCB Assembly Service
SMT product component placement list and feeder list
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SMT product component placement list and feeder list

SMT product component placement list and feeder list
This smt installation list includes assembly reference ID, material code ID, X coordinate, y coordinate and installation angle This is the key data required for surface mounting and determines the exact location of components on the circuit board Data code connects to the component database After pICking up components at a specific position of the feeder, the suction nozzle on the placement head shoots and identifies the components according to the coordinates and angles of the placement components. With the components obtained through correction, the components are accurately placed at the specified position on the circuit board due to the picking deviation
The placement order of components is the placement order of components. For the turntable placing machine, the recycling sequence of parts is the same as the placing sequence of parts; For the platform placer,


If there are multiple straws on the nozzle of placement head, the order of component picking and placement can be different Due to the development of computer applications, it is now possible to automatically optimize the placement sequence of various placement machines. Some general software can automatically optimize the placement sequence of various placement machines SMT components can generally be divided into different types, such as chip, Melf, QFP, solo, PLCC, SOJ, SOT and BGA
The assembly database includes the length, width, and thickness of the assembly, the size, span, and encapsulation of the assembly features. In addition, for different machines, the assembly database also includes the type of placement head and nozzle, the light intensity of the identification CAMera, the type and direction of the default feeder of the assembly, and the identification method and special requirements. All data contained in the assembly database will play a key role in the transportation, retrieval, identification, calibration and placement of the assembly.
Feeder list
When a new assembly is added to the assembly drop list, the assembly will automatically add records to the feeder list according to the default feeder model in the assembly database. The feeder list includes the component code of various components, the model of feeder used, the identification code of location and the correct direction of the component on the feeder. If a single assembly cannot be delivered during identification, it will be discarded according to the configuration of the assembly database or the drop station in the program.
The main steps above are SMT placement. No matter what brand of SMT is used in programming, machine programming is required Now domestic technology SMT placement machine manufacturers are also very mature Select cost-effective SMT placement. It is recommended that the machine SMT placement machine manufacturer Guangshengde inspect the product quality and placement effect on site

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