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Surface roughness processing plant equipment and processing requirements
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Surface roughness processing plant equipment and processing requirements

Surface roughness processing plant equipment and processing requirements
1 Advanced equipment is a prerequisite for implementing precision technology
For high-precision products such as automobiles and medICal care, welding quality is not only a force, but also a responsibility for life If there is no advanced equipment, no matter how clear the process analysis is in the surface roughness processing technology guide, this is a good conversation
2. Advanced equipment is the guarantee of MARKet competitiveness
Any wafer processing manufacturer with surface roughness has its own unique advantages But the core competitiveness must be able to adapt to the market and provide customers with high-quality products and services No superficial work in the electronic manufacturing industry can make the products smoothly produced On the prEMIse that the engineering team and engineering process capabilities are successfully matched, advanced equipment becomes the icing on the cake, which is also the guarantee for the factory to maintain its market competitiveness
3. Advanced equipment is the basis of customer service
The core of the real economy is the ability to create tangible products through deep processing of raw materials and socialized labor. It involves all aspects of the country, society and individuals. In retrOSPect, as a part of China's physical manufacturing industry, Global Science and Technology, serving physical customers well is a social responsibility and significance of existence. Therefore, providing services to customers is to deliver drawings to finished products for customers, so PCB patch proofing is a bridge to communicate with customers. Advanced production equipment is the basis of customer service.


What information is required for surface roughness patch processing
In the process of surface roughness chip processing, when evaluating the quotation, the following information needs to be provided to the surface roughness chip processing plant so that engineers and purchasers can evaluate the process and quotation. In surface roughness processing, if suppliers are required to provide one-stop processing services, early communication and cooperation need to be more adequate. Contractual labor and data services require PCB manufacturing information and board manufacturing instructions, BOM company tables, Gerber company information, etc. Lack of certain information will lead to new communication costs and delivery delays, which will have a great impact on the timely release of products. From the perspective of suppliers, why do we need relevant information
1. Gerber's data include (pad layer, solder mask layer, screen layer, mold layer): it is the most authoritative data in surface roughness processing, because the subsequent PCB quotation and processing fee quotation need Gerber's data as a reference. The steel mesh must be used for repair, and the information of the steel mesh layer must be known when opening the steel mesh.
2. BOM list (component list): materials are included in PCBA middle plate Due to different brands, the corresponding data prices are different. The models, specifications, and processing fees are also confirmed based on components. Points are evaluated by several points.
3. Coordinate file: coordinates of main positioning components. This file is required when the project is running.
4. Process guidance file: as the designer's control over the program processing process, it usually exists as some guidance files of the manufacturer. Including special requirements and special design points.
5. Test description: There are various test items and categories, including test parameters, technical indicators, and on-site treatment methods for exceptions.

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