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Mistakes in selecting smt wafer processing plants
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Mistakes in selecting smt wafer processing plants

Mistakes in selecting SMT wafer processing plants
Because outsourcing plays an important role in the electronIC manufacturing industry, especially in PCB processing, selecting the appropriate SMT chip processing manufacturer has become an important determinant of success However, there are some misunderstandings when choosing PCBA electronic contract manufacturers It is about exposing these misunderstandings and discovering the true facts that will help make the right choice So here is:
Misunderstandings about selection SMT chip processing plants
Misunderstanding 1: Technology capability is the only requirement for electronic contract manufacturing partners
Although scientific and technological capability is obviously an important aspect of selecting electronic contract manufacturers, it is obviously not the only factor. The mistake most people make is to ignore many other business factors when making choices. It is important to remember that working with manufacturers is a complex business relationship, not just a technology relationship.
Mistakes in selecting smt wafer processing plants
SMT processing plant
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Myth 2: A better demonstration is equivalent to an excellent foundry manufacturer
Let's face it, an impressive demonstration may be a feature of contract manufacturers' outstanding sales and MARKeting capabilities. It is very important that when you use the demonstration as a quota, you can also judge the other capabilities of the SMT processing contract manufacturer, that is, its operational expertise. You must also conduct a reliable reference survey before making any decision. Operational capability does not represent its real processing capability.
Mistakes in selecting smt wafer processing plants
Myth 3: Big companies will charge lower appreciation profit margins
SIMilarly, although this may sometimes be true, it is not a universal prEMIse. This is because, although large electronic contract manufacturers may receive volume discounts on raw material demand, labor costs may or may not follow the same approach. In this case, the price of large SMT processing plants is not necessarily low, and the price of SMAll plants is not necessarily high.
Mistakes in selecting smt wafer processing plants
Myth 4: If the manufacturer has a good vertical integration model, it can provide low prices
This is not always given. Some electronic contract manufacturers can do this, and some may not have the corresponding strength. The supply chain will be unstable at any time, but the factory that can implement the vertical integration mode may be more powerful than other companies, and can also provide you with competitive prices.
Mistakes in selecting smt wafer processing plants
Myth 5: Electronic contract manufacturers should not work for my competitors
Your fears may be completely unfounded As long as the electronic contract manufacturer is compatible with your overall project and cooperates with your competitors, this should not affect the cooperation between both parties Professional contract manufacturers will be fully aware of PCB manufacturing process This is also a necessary confidential quality for long-term suppliers

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