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Introduction to SMT Chip Processing Line C
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Introduction to SMT Chip Processing Line C

Introduction to SMT Chip Processing Line C
1. Production precautions in the trial production stage Surface mounting and patch processing
1. Preparation for surface mounting chip processing
A. After knowing from PMC or the procurement office that a model is ready for trial operation, you must know the person in charge of the development of the model and the person in charge of the biotechnology model, so as to obtain relevant resources and help in the future;
B. Borrow a prototype: I need to have a simple understanding of the relevant functions of the machine produced, and have a good product machine for full function testing several times;
C. Understand all post weld components of the model, plan post weld procedures, and evaluate post weld operations and pre weld precautions;
D. Understand the use of test fixture (there is usually no test fixture in the first trial production), and plan test items and programs;
E. Understand the component layout of the entire PCB, and evaluate the characteristics of some components for production consideration;
F. This SMT data biotechnology needs to prepare "component location map", "BOM" and "schematic diagram" These data must be the same as the PCB version produced;
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G. It is better to prepare a sample before departure;
2. Data confirmation of SMT wafer processing plant: the data preparation and distribution technology shall not interfere, but it shall be confirmed many times after sending. It is better to confirm with the development engineer:
A. First, understand the material preparation. The completeness of the data will determine the production arrangement. If the information is incomplete, it shall be reported to the factory immediately;
B. Confirmation of key data, such as version and data number of FW IC, BGA, PCB and other main data.; BOM must be checked for material confirmation;
C. General manufacturers' IQC and data personnel will also check the data. If there is any inconsistent data, it shall be verified with the development engineer immediately;
3. First article confirmation
A. Confirm the first piece of the patch, pay attention to the direction and specifications of the main components, check the first piece records of the surface mount manufacturer, and check the samples at the same time;
B. After the furnace, PCB needs to check the tin consumption and temperature resistance of each component;
C. It is better to complete the first post welding part by yourself and the development engineer shall confirm it; At this time, the preparation of post welding process and post welding SOP is started;
D. If there is a test fixture, test the first article by yourself, the development engineer confirms the test items, and starts to prepare the test items and test SOP;
4. Track and confirm problem points
Record and sort out the problem points in the whole production process, including data, data, placement, post welding, testing, maintenance and other problems in the process of surface mounting and patch processing, and summarize them into a problem point tracking report, and be responsible for surface mounting production. The engineers of the Human Resources and Development Department shall confirm the problems in a timely manner.
5. Information feedback: After the surface mounting is completed, the problem shall be reported to relevant personnel.
A. The echo of the problem points of surface mount patch processing shall be submitted to the person in charge of the biotechnology model for review and improvement;
B. Collect the surface mounting problems found in the factory trial investment, and echo them to the surface mounting director;
C. Respond to the improvement of the trial investment problem to the surface mounting director;
D. Track the improvement of problem points.
2. Precautions for SMT wafer processing and production
A certain model has been mass produced by the same manufacturer for many times, and its process and flow are relatively familiar. In some cases, the following should be noted:
1. Confirmation of test fixture: confirm the status of test fixture and test accessories before production; Collect previous questions;
2. Confirmation of special materials: confirm abnormal materials once before production;
3. First article confirmation: A Briefly understand and test the first article, and check the relevant first article records; B. Check whether the previous problems reoccur and whether the hands are improved; C. Confirm the previous SMT processing technology and whether it needs to be improved;
4. Analysis and confirmation of defective products: simply analyze the defective products, understand the distribution of main defects and the main causes of defects, and make efforts to improve them;
5. Information feedback:A.  Surface mount patching process and echo the production problem points to the person in charge of the biotechnology model to remind attention; B. Collect the assembly problem points in the factory and echo to the person in charge, which needs improvement

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