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PCB manufacturer explains PCBA cleaning method to you
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PCB manufacturer explains PCBA cleaning method to you

PCB manufacturer explains PCBA cleaning method to you

After the PCBA processing process is completed, it is often seen that there are many residues on the surface of PCBA. These residues not only affect the beauty, but also affect the quality of PCBA. Therefore, the cleaning of PCBA is very important. Next, we will introduce the methods of manual cleaning and automatic cleaning.

1、 Manual cleaning

Generally, small and medium-sized PCBA processing plants will use manual cleaning, which is relatively cost-effective.

The tools for manual cleaning mainly include: cleaning tank, spray tank, brush, IPA or VIGON EFM, gloves, deionized water, wiping paper, air gun and sealing bag.

Manual cleaning steps:

1. Clean the circuit board in IPA or VIGON EFM, or spray IPA and EFM on the surface of the circuit board, using about 10ml every 4 square inches.

2. Use a wet soft short brush to wipe the circuit board continuously for about 10 seconds.

3. Rinse with deionized water, about 10 ml per 4 square inches. Effectively remove potential pollutant residues.

4. Wipe off excess deionized water with a clean lint free wiping cloth at the edge of the hand-held circuit board.

5. Visually inspect the cleanliness of the circuit board.

6. If necessary, use an air gun to dry the circuit board.

circuit board

7. If the circuit board or components need to be stored for a period of time before coating, please put the circuit board or components into a sealed bag containing desiccant.

2、 Automatic cleaning

The automatic cleaning process is divided into three ways: water cleaning, semi water cleaning and solvent cleaning.

Tools and materials for automatic cleaning mainly include: water washer, deionized water system, conductivity tester, beaker, deionized water.

Automatic cleaning operation steps:

1. Preparation of deionized water: deionized water is prepared by electrodialysis device and ion exchange resin tank.

2. Conductivity test: use a conductivity tester to test the conductivity of water after electrodialysis and ion exchange resin tank. If both meet the indicator requirements, it can be used for water cleaning.

3. Lead in water washer: lead the deionized water in the water storage tank to the water washer.

4. Set the parameters of the washing machine: set the washing room and rinsing room to 60 ± 10 ℃; Drying chamber setting

60 ℃~90 ℃.

5. Set chain speed: generally control the chain speed at 50~150cm/min.

6. After cleaning, PCBA is taken out of the cleaning machine and stored in the anti-static turnover container. The anti-static turnover container is required to be clean and dust-free to avoid the secondary pollution of PCBA after cleaning.

The above are two ways to clean PCBA. I hope they can help you.

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA processors will explain PCBA cleaning methods to you.

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