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PCBA processing is not so simple
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PCBA processing is not so simple

PCBA processing is not so simple

PCBA processing is to connect various electronic components on PCB board through surface mount (SMT), plug-in (DIP) and other electronic assemblies. PCBA process flow mainly includes SMT, AOI, DIP, FCT testing and other processes. Due to the size difference of electronic components, there will be different processes and requirements in assembly and insertion. The assembly density of PCBA is relatively high, and the small size and light weight of electronic products also have certain changes and requirements in mounting. The reliability, seismic resistance and excellent weldability of the products have high requirements for the hardware and software facilities of PCBA processing.

PCBA processing

PCBA processing is the most important part of electronic products. The stability of the quality of PCBA processing directly affects the stability of the quality of electronic products. If PCBA processing can always have stable quality and efficient production efficiency, the traditional manual processing mode must not work. It must rely on modern equipment, a new chip mounter, and the price is now around 1.5 million. If you want to form a scale, It is necessary to purchase 10-20 sets of equipment, which will shut out most "small workshop" enterprises.

In addition to the more expensive SMT equipment and testing equipment for electronic processing, enterprises also need a large amount of working capital investment to improve the material procurement system, ensure the storage of sensitive components, and need to build a constant temperature and humidity anti-static storage room, which has extremely strict requirements for the environment. If the production enterprises only charge low processing fees through the patch, their development space and profit space will be greatly squeezed. At the same time, the service objects of PCBA processing are multinational companies, and the business scale of multinational companies is often large, which requires that PCBA enterprises, as an important part of its global supply chain, must also have a large production scale. Only by realizing the production scale, can the purchase cost and production cost be effectively reduced.

In order to become a supplier of large brands, PCBA processing plants must not only meet the industry standards, but also pass strict supplier qualification certification. Large international enterprises have recognized the qualification of suppliers for at least one year. In the process of verification, they will put forward strict requirements on the production process, quality management, working environment and business conditions of suppliers. Generally, they need to make several rectifications before passing the qualification verification, and then they can officially become their suppliers after passing the small batch supply test for quite a period of time. Once the manufacturer has passed the final approval of supplier qualification, it will be included in the global supply chain of international large brands and can accept the procurement of its global production base. During this period, the comprehensive strength of PCBA processing plants will be constantly reviewed. Only PCBA processing plants with strong comprehensive strength and good service attitude will be recognized by large brands.

PCBA processing industry needs a strong overall technical strength, and process technology, quality control level and production management technology are very important, often requiring decades of practice and accumulation. At the same time, due to the rapid upgrading of electronic products, PCBA enterprises need to constantly update and improve in many aspects for a long time.

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